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Dynamic container classes are very useful for manipulating collections of data without needing to know in advance how much memory to allocate for their storage. They expand as elements are added to them and do not need to be created with a xed size. This chapter discusses the two families of dynamic array classes provided by Symbian OS, as well as the xed-length array class provided to wrap the standard C++ [] array.
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A few of us were critical of the conventional investment strategies for years. The number of critics steadily increased after the stock market indexes peaked in March 2000. Conferences for pension fund investors since 2001 have emphasized alternatives to the conventional investment approaches. For example, Peter Bernstein, author of the book Capital Ideas (Free Press, 1993) and long-time advocate of CAPM and index funds, threw in the towel in late 2002 and early 2003. He recommended that pension funds and other institutional investors abandon CAPM and what is known as the fixed policy portfolio. Bernstein started advocating a far different approach to investing that involved hedging against different possible investment outcomes and hoping for a fairly modest long-term return with low volatility. Those are a few signs of the unhappiness with the traditional approaches to investing. I have advocated and used a nontraditional approach for years. Only recently did I learn that it is largely supported by an academic theory developed in the 1990s known as Rational Beliefs. I believe this approach recognizes and corrects many of the problems in the other strategies and is superior for retirees and those saving for retirement. The key difference in Rational Beliefs is that it recognizes and explains valuation cycles and makes managing valuation cycles the cornerstone of investing. The different investment markets have cycles, and these cycles
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Installing and Removing Hardware
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9: banking and Bookkeeping
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One of the big tasks ahead for the global Net Generation is to make government more transparent, honest, and effective. Young World countries tend to be particularly poorly served by their governments, where corruption, cronyism, over-regulation, and inefficiency are endemic problems that strangle economic development and constrain personal freedom. Entrepreneurial ventures, public-private-NGO partnerships, and community-based technology solutions may prove a viable way to deliver the kinds of services typically associated with government, in a much more accountable and straightforward way. In the previous example, mPedigree managed to create an entrepreneurial, marketbased solution for an important government function regulation and enforcement of the authenticity of medications that governments in the affected regions could not perform using the ordinary methods. But the reinvention of government in the digital age is not just an issue for the dysfunctional and corrupt. Even the generally honest and productive governments of the developed world could use the help of social technology and information-sharing to perform their missions at lower cost to taxpayers. Government work is not typically seen as a venue for entrepreneurism. However, civic-minded Millennials are finding ways to
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In a domain network, Group Policy and Logon Scripts can also launch processes.
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The Start menu search is handy. But there s much more. Searching in Vista goes way beyond looking for lost files. You can search all your documents for relevance or meaning rather than just by filename. The searches are much quicker than in earlier versions because Vista s search doesn t slog through the whole file system every time you search. Instead it searches an internal index of filenames, file properties (tags and metadata), and document contents. If you ve used Media Player, you ve already had a sense of how that works. In Media Player you can click a genre like Classical, and see all your Classical songs, no matter who the artist or what folder the songs are stored in. Likewise, you could click Artist and see all songs by a given artist, regardless of what folder each song is in. Windows Vista extends that capability from Media Player to all the files on your hard disk. And any external hard disks you have, too. Searches in Vista don t slog through the whole file system looking at tens of thousands of irrelevant files along the way. That s too slow and tedious. Instead, Windows Vista searches through a search index. The index contains filenames, tags (keywords), and even the contents of messages and files. So when you search for something like catwalk you get all files that have that in the filename, tag, or even inside the document. And you get it much more quickly than you would in XP.
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Green drinks are the most complete bioenergetic food available. High-quality versions are low in calories and contain no sugars, sweeteners or fats. This makes it a perfect low-glycemic food. Berries are the only fruit to mix in a green drink. If green drinks are made from organic ingredients, they are a nearperfect food providing anabolic life insurance. Green drinks are green because they contain chlorophyll, the green component in every living plant, which is made during the process of photosynthesis. When the sun s energy enters a plant, the plant takes in carbon dioxide, gives off pure oxygen, makes organic vitamins, minerals and protein from inorganic materials in the soil and produces this green color of life. Chlorophyll activates the enzymes that produce vitamins E, A and K in the plant. Vitamin K is the only vitamin shown to keep calcium out of your arteries and glands, thereby lessening arterial calcification and lowering both coronary artery and cardiovascular disease. Vitamin K has been found to be essential to the formation of osteocalcin, a protein that attracts calcium and helps to build it into strong bones. Chlorophyll is an antiviral, antibacterial cellular cleanser. Green drinks are generally powdered, highly nutritious, alkaline-forming, land-based and ocean-grown foods that you conveniently and affordably mix in pure water, fresh vegetable juice or unsweetened fruit juice. Once opened, store green drinks in the refrigerator to maximize the vitality and lifespan of the billions of probiotic friendly bacteria they contain from non-dairy sources. The following are some of the ingredients you ll find in a high-quality green drink:
Managing Files and Folders
Substitute Pur e of Flageolet Beans with Garlic (p. 613) for the potatoes.
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