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The disaggregation steps are analogous Igvi-1:
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Transparent controls allow the background picture to show through.
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2 Sanitation and Safety
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Therefore, RAROC cannot be required to compensate for risks as the market does.111 This is because, on the one hand, market considerations do not enter economic capital as a risk measure. On the other hand, the market ignores the cost of total risk, which is only relevant when holding risks internally and when there is a concern with financial distress costs. Because only the market value of equity VE,0 can be the basis for calculating the required return to shareholders,112 merely the cash equity needs to earn the CAPM return. Nonetheless, economic capital is costly but, in general, it has (as we saw in the previous section) nothing to do with cash capital. Since cash capital and economic capital are fed from different pools of resources for very different purposes, they should also have very different required returns. However, in order to determine what that adequate cost of economic capital is, we cannot apply a neoclassical model (such as CAPM), where financial distress costs and the concern with total risk are not relevant. If you nonetheless try to do so, this will inevitably lead to inconsistent results.
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EMPOWERING YOUR TEAMS The f lattening of organizational structures that accompanied downsizing along with the move toward cooperation and away from competition within organizations has made employees more responsive to customer needs by encouraging the resolution of problems at the lowest possible level in the organization. This transfer of power, responsibility, and authority from higher level to lower level employees is what is commonly known as empowerment. Although the term empowerment has become a bit clich within most organizations, there is no getting around the fact that by empowering workers, managers place the responsibility for decision making with the employees who are in the best position to make the decision. The simple fact is that despite rumors to the contrary, few managers know everything about every aspect of their business, and they rely on their employees to obtain this knowledge and then use it to get things
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Audit & Log
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86 Interest Rate Arbitrage
Table C-13: NURBS
1..* region
L O N G - L I F E I N S UR A N C E P L A N 251
Listening (little formal training offered). Speaking/presenting (optional classes). Writing (numerous years of term papers). Reading (12+ years of systematic development).
14 Understanding Fish and Shell sh
(see [BrSeSI-37 P.32),
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