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(b) Hold the potato between the thumb and fore nger and place the paring knife against the top edge as shown and the thumb of the cutting hand rmly against the potato. Your hand should be far enough up on the blade to maintain steady control.
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Shredded Pork (Carnitas)
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10 Setting Up Multiple Monitors
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simple food. No doubt this person puts ketchup a sweetened tomato sauce on hamburgers, gravy on mashed potatoes, and tartar sauce on fried sh. The misunderstandings arise from poorly made sauces. No one likes thick, pasty cream sauces on vegetables or oversalted but otherwise avorless brown sauces gumming up their meat. But just because some cooks make bad sauces is no reason to reject all sauce cookery. In fact,many chefs believe good sauces are the pinnacle of all cooking,both in the skill they require and in the interest and excitement they can give to food.Very often, the most memorable part of a really ne meal is the sauce that enhances the meat or sh. A sauce works like a seasoning. It enhances and accents the avor of the food; it should not dominate or hide the food. A good cook knows that sauces are as valuable as salt and pepper. A simple grilled steak is made even better when it has an added touch,something as simple as a slice of seasoned butter melting on it or as re ned as a spoonful of b arnaise sauce. No matter where you work,sauce-making techniques are basic skills you will need in all your cooking. Croquettes, souf s, and mousses have sauces as their base, nearly all braised foods are served with sauces made of their cooking liquids, and basic pan gravies,favorites everywhere,are made with the same techniques as the classic sauces.
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Butting in line
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Set the following properties for txtSpacer, txtCounter, and the Detail section (see Table 20.1).
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P r o c e d u r e
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Operators let you add numbers, compare values, put text strings together, format data, and perform a wide variety of tasks. You use operators to instruct Access to perform a specific action against one or more operands. The combination of operators and operands is known as an expression.
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You may find that Access complains about a circular reference on the Category text box after you change the control s ControlSource. This happens because the name of the control is Category, and the text box is bound to a field named Category. Access doesn t understand that [Category] in the expression you entered as the ControlSource actually refers to the field, not the text box. (A text box s value can t be based on the text box s contents that s the definition of circular reference.) The solution is to rename the text box to txtCategory to distinguish it from its bound field.
Just What Is Fault Tolerance
Soon, one day s theme will be effortlessly incorporated into the other days of the week. For instance, although Monday s main theme may be water, after a while it will extend to all days. We are all creatures of habit and we must replace destructive habits with new lifestyle habits that I call a progressive dietary strategy.
1 clock
Creating Access Tables
190 Glossary
You wouldn t want to list ISP domains like aol.com, comcast.net, or yahoo.com as safe senders. That s not because those companies are bad. But rather because they have millions of customers, most of whom you don t even know. But you might want to receive e-mail from people you do know from those domains. So in that case you d enter the exact e-mail address of the person from whom you re willing to accept e-mail. For example, I have koolnerds@comcast.com listed to accept messages with that exact e-mail address. You can choose Always trust e-mail from my Windows Contacts to always trust e-mail from people who you know well enough to put in your personal address book. Likewise, you can choose Automatically add people I e-mail to safe senders. There you re assuming that if you know or trust someone enough to send them an e-mail, you re also willing to accept e-mail from them. As in all dialog boxes, you re not making any lifelong commitments in the Safe Senders list. You can add more safe senders at any time. Remove one at any time by clicking on it and then clicking Remove.
Summary of Epidemiology of Alcohol Misuse Psychiatric Comorbidity
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