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is to Internet-rich buzz. Old word-of-mouth spread slowly. You met a friend on the street or at the of ce. You inserted a remark in a piece of snail mail. You dropped a hint in a phone conversation. You couldn t reach very many people and basically you reached them one at a time. Because word-ofmouth was slow and the number of people involved was small, writes Godin, it was hard for the ideavirus to become truly infectious. As people stop spreading the contagion, the virus begins to die. Consequently, with word-of-mouth, each generation of message receivers and senders is typically smaller than the previous. With Internet-enabled buzz you have an entirely different story. Each buzzing person can reach many more people and they can do so quickly. Think about it, says Godin, you probably have 100, maybe 1,000 e-mail addresses in your address book. How dif cult would it be to send a buzz to all of them It wouldn t be hard at all, and if you don t believe the gurus, try this. Type the following e-mail message:
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Blue Cheese Dip
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We ll get into the specifics of editing the registry in a moment. But first, Figure 46.1 shows an example of the Registry Editor as it might look when you first open it. The names listed down the left column are keys. Specifically, we refer to them as the standard root keys, because they re at the top (root) of the hierarchy, and each contains subkeys. Each standard root key stores a particular type of information, as summarized in Table 46.1. Note that most keys have a standard abbreviation, like HKCU for HKEY_CURRENT_USER.
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Access uses comparison operators to compare Date fields to a value. These operators include less than (<), greater than (>), equal to (=), or a combination of these operators. Notice that Access automatically adds pound sign (#) delimiters around the date value. Access uses these delimiters to distinguish between date and text data. The pound signs are just like the quote marks Access added to the Cars criteria. Because OrigCustDate is a DateTime field, Access understands what you want and inserts the proper delimiters for you. Be aware that Access interprets dates according to the Regional and Language Options (Windows XP) or the Region and Language settings (Windows 7) in the Windows Control Panel. For example, in most of Europe and Asia, #5/6/2012# is interpreted as June 5, 2012, while in the United States this date is May 6, 2012. It is very easy to construct a query that works perfectly but returns the wrong data because of subtle differences in regional settings.
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time at home, slowly reviewing each work and informational tab, you can move more quickly than someone who is seeing the format for the very first time. Your first strategy should be to open each work tab to see what it is that you must do. Jot down a few key items on your scrap paper. Now return to the directions, company profile, and resource information tabs. By reading the question requirements first, you have determined what information is important to complete the work tabs. This method helps to decrease that overwhelmed feeling. You can ignore some items of information until you need them. Your first priority is completion of the total exam. Complete it piece by piece. Save the research component for last. Work the drop-down box and more structured questions first. Complete the communication section after you have answered the structured work tabs. Don t forget to review the resource tab for helpful information that might provide clues to your answer selection. Yes, you are controlling this exam, and you are very aware of the time limitations. What should you do if you are having trouble locating the relevant research paragraph(s) Enter what you can. Completing the rest of the exam is far more important than eating up time struggling to find the exact wording. Remember that you are not permitted to edit the research component. Simply enter entire paragraphs or code sections by using the appropriate copy and paste routines. Note that the copy and paste routine for the REG section is different from the copy and paste routine for the Auditing and Attestation (AUDIT) and the Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) sections. Practice all of the sample exams until you become very comfortable with all of the functions. Practicing only one exam section is like reading one chapter of a book a chapter in the middle. You have missed the details. Give yourself every chance to be successful practice until you know it! Practice will give you the confidence to move through the exam at a quicker pace. Time management is a critical process! FAR TIME MANAGEMENT Good morning! Most likely the FAR exam is scheduled to begin in the morning. Since this exam section is 240 minutes long, candidates spend the better part of a day at the test center. Check-in time is thirty minutes before the exam start time. The FAR and AUDIT time allotment should allow you to take at least one break during the testing process. Exhibit 22.3 presents the time allotments for the FAR section. Stick to the time suggestions.
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Traditional IR is not enough, however. We believe it is not only about delivering the basics, but also wrapping them in the context of valuation at any given time. For people who sit on the sell-side and buy-side, it often seems that companies don t understand what they need. Rather, companies tend to present a one-dimensional portrait. Senior management knows the story inside and out. After all, they run the companies. However, a large number of management teams don t really know how to package their story for institutional buyers or sell-side analysts. It s unfortunate because, if a company is packaged properly, analysts just might take a chance on publishing or portfolio managers might begin to accumulate a long position. In sum, the channels and methods by which management communicates to Wall Street and Wall Street communicates to the companies should not be underestimated. Done right, the process is simply not as easy as many companies think. Being on the inside with companies teaches that it takes more than traditional IR to build or preserve value. Though going beyond the required and voluntary disclosure of information, traditional IR can sometimes still fall short. Unless IR operates from a capital markets perspective, understanding the thoughts and processes of the sell-side and the buy-side, there will always be room for improvement. Consider these cases in point:
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Figure 5.12 Hysteresis nonlinearity characteristics
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To search a range of dates, use the keywords followed by a start date, two dots (..), and an end date. For example, to find all pictures taken between June 1, 2007, and September 1, 2007, use the criterion:
n If you see an AutoPlay dialog box like the one in Figure 22.1, click Import. Then skip to step 4.
Remove the meter from the status bar after all the records are processed:
Fiddlehead Fern
n refers to notes; f to gure; bold to de nition.
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