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1. Click Tools and choose Internet Options or choose Tools Internet Options from Internet Explorer s menu bar. 2. In the Internet Options dialog box, click the Advanced tab. 3. Scroll to the bottom of the list. 4. Select (check) the Warn if changing between secure and not secure mode and click OK.
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Tutorial: Aligning a kissing couple
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ance of historical gures, and the consultation of a historical advisor, from a historical perspective The Fall of the Roman Empire is the product of fantasy. Like almost every lm set in ancient Rome it has little to do with historical reality. Anthony Mann, its director, was not interested in representing historical truth and considered inaccuracies from a historical point of view unimportant; to him the most important thing was that the audience would get the feeling of history. 2 It is even questionable whether The Fall of the Roman Empire convincingly evokes the social and political atmosphere of the time portrayed. 3 The reign of Commodus was not as dark a period in Roman history as represented in the lm.4 Many historians now disagree with Gibbon s verdict that the decline of the Roman Empire started with Commodus and even reject the concept of decline and fall as explanation for the dissolution of the Roman Empire. At the time of the lm s production and release, however, the traditional views of Commodus reign and of decline and fall still prevailed. One of the attractions of The Fall of the Roman Empire is its break with the simplistic Hollywood tradition of the con ict between Rome as imperial oppressor of Christianity, Judaism, or both, which represent human values and freedom. Anthony Mann was right in observing in his essay on The Fall of the Roman Empire that lms like Quo Vadis and even Spartacus give the impression that the Christian movement was the only thing the Roman Empire was about but that in fact Christianity was only one feature of the complex and multifaceted Roman society of the second century AD. However, Christianity is subtly present in The Fall of the Roman Empire. The only clear reference to it is the pendant with the Chi-Rho sign that the Greek philosopher Timonides wears toward the end. But Marcus Aurelius idea about a family of equal nations, which Timonides, the late emperor s advisor, helps turn into reality, re ects and represents the Christian message of love for one s neighbor, quite apart from its modern overtones. We see barbarians, Romans, and others happily living together until their dream world is shattered by Commodus soldiers. The idea of fraternization, love of one s fellow-man, and equality is Christian or can at least be interpreted as such. Timonides is the driving force behind this ideal. He can be seen as a kind of apostle propagating and attempting to realize the equality of men in a peaceful
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For a pure PR strategy the following relations hold:
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Enhancing Self-ef cacy
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Yield: 3 qt (3 L) Portions: 12 Portion size: 8 oz (250 mL)
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rocedure for Making Pie Topping
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Figure 14-17: About to delete a file The bottom message, which shows the more serious delete icon with an exclamation point, tells you that if you choose Yes, the file will be permanently deleted on the spot. And by permanent, I do mean forever. The file won t be placed in the Recycle Bin, and Undo won t work! So, there will probably be no way to get it back. There s a slim chance that you might be able to get it back with some third-party undelete utility. But you d have to do so soon, because the space that was used by the deleted file will be overwritten as you save new files.
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FIGURE 17.19
Holding down the Shift key while clicking creates points that are vertically or horizontally at a right angle with the previous point. Holding down the Ctrl key snaps new points at an angle from the last segment, as determined by the Angle Snap setting.
In addition, the concept of a localPrecondition and localPostcondition of an action can be expressed: the localPostcondition can be de ned as the state invariant of the state representing the action (it must be established by the entry action of the state). localPrecondition is expressed as a precondition of the entry action, using the pre statement form of Figure 6.4: The precondition must be established by each transition to the state. As an example of the mapping, Figure 11.5 shows a structured activity diagram with fork and join, decision/merge, and sequence nodes. A version of the work ow in Figure 11.5, expressed in state machine notation, is shown in Figure 11.6. All the transitions are triggered by completion of the processing of their source state. In the AND composite state, this means that the processing of both regions of this state must be completed (they have both reached their nal states) before the transition to Release Fix can occur. The mapping to semantic actions can represent all cases of activity control ow. Figure 11.7 shows typical examples of decision, merge, fork, and join structures. One node s1 followed by a single successor s2, joined by a control ow, has the semantics i : N1 ; j : OccA,i ( s2 ) k : OccA,i ( s1 ) ( s1 , k) = ( s2 , j) i : N1 ; j : OccA,i ( s1 ) k : OccA,i ( s2 ) ( s1 , j) = ( s2 , k)
The drop-down list for the Organizations combo box
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