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Even though this is just an example, it s fairly representative of how many programs are run automatically. The two options that are relevant to auto-starting and the Notification area are listed below: Run this program when Windows starts: If selected, Windows Messenger starts automatically when you start your computer. If cleared, Windows Messenger doesn t start automatically. Allow this program to run in the background: If selected, this option allows the Notification area icon to appear even when the main Windows Messenger program window is closed. If you clear this option, there won t be a Notification area icon when the main program window is closed. Let me emphasize that the Windows Messenger example is just an example. Not all programs have the same, or even similar, options. However, if a program has a built-in capability to auto-start, and if the program has the ability to run in the background, then the options for those capabilities are likely to be in that program s Options (or Preferences) dialog box. For specific information on any given program, your best bet would be to search that program s Help for start or Options or Preferences. You can get to just about any program s Help by choosing Help from that program s menu bar, or by pressing Help (F1) when the program is open and in the active window on your desktop. Often, you can get to options for programs that are already in the Notification area just by right-clicking the icon and choosing Properties, as in the example shown in Figure 8-7. In other cases, you may need to double-click the notification area icon to open the program first, then look for an Options or Preferences option in that program s menu bar. Figure 8-7: Right-clicking a Notification area icon
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Choosing and configuring display drivers
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China: Your Essential Shore
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Frozen crabmeat. Crabmeat is usually watery.You may need to squeeze out excess moisture before cooking.Whenever possible, save the liquid for use in sauces and soups. Frozen crabmeat is already cooked. It needs only to be heated through to be prepared for serving.
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Key issues dealt with in this chapter are:
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Veal Curry with Mangoes and Cashews
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For research and guidelines on the maintenance of order at large public events and in public places, see: Alcoholic Liquor Advisory Council (1996); Bjor, Knutsson & Kuhlhorn (1992); Department of Tourism, Sport & Racing (1999); Dunstan & McDonald (1996); Ramsay (1989, 1990, 1991); Magni cent Events Company (1996).
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1: What s New in Windows Vista . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
The buttons available to you will vary depending on the tools available to you in whatever program you happen to be using at the moment. However, some buttons may be hidden even when a feature is available, just because of selections on the Options menu in the Language
Customizing Startup Options
As an investment committee member, am I expected to know about the various indexes that might be used as benchmarks No, but a little knowledge about the main indexes will allow us to ask useful questions of our adviser. Once we establish our Benchmark Portfolio, we can see how the performance of our portfolio compares. If, over intervals of three to ve years our performance does not at least equal that of our Benchmark Portfolio, we should be asking hard questions as to why.
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Step 1. x = a (variable); r = %r1; Val = (%r1); generate: ld %r1 a; Step 2. x = b (variable); r = %r2; Val = (%r1 %r2); generate: ld %r2 b; Step 3. x = + (operator); r2 = %r2; r1 = %r1; generate: add %r1 %r2; Reg = (%r2, %r3, %r4); Val = (%r1) Step 4. x = c (variable); r = %r2; Val = (%r1, %r2); generate: ld %r2 c; Step 5. x = d (variable); r = %r3; Val = (%r1, %r2, %r3); generate: ld %r3 d; Step 6. x = (operator); r2 = %r3; r1 = %r2; generate: sub %r2 %r3; Reg = (%r3, %r4); Val = (%r1, %r2) Step 7. x = * (operator); r2 = %r2; r1 = %r1; generate: mul %r1 %r2; Reg = (%r2, %r3, %r4); Val = (%r1) Step 8. End of Expr and of the algorithm. The value of the expression is in register %r1. For the above example, the algorithm used three registers to store the intermediate results and generated the instructions to store the value of the expression in the rst free register %r1. Three registers %r2, %r3, and %r4 are pushed back onto the list of free registers and can be used to generate a code for evaluating the next expression. More optimal but more complicated algorithms of register allocation are based on constructing a graph of dependencies for all the variables and coloring the graph nodes into minimum number of colors so that each neighbor nodes have different colors [5,13]. Mapping variables of the source language (or intermediate language [IL]) to the global symbols, local symbols (in static sections), stack frame offsets, and registers. This task is actually part of the task of memory allocation already considered above. Static planning of parallel execution. For RISC architectures, code generator plans the pipeline and enables lling out the delay slots. For VLIW/ EPIC architectures, code generator plans full load of very long instructions for each machine cycle. Generating proper object code for each kind of source code constructs. For accessing variables, the sequences of instructions to evaluate their addresses are generated. For expressions, register-based evaluation instructions are generated, using the minimum possible number of registers. For statements, simple control transfer schemes are used based on conditional and unconditional branches. More details below in this chapter. Generating debugging information. Debugging information is generated together with the code, usually by a speci c option (e.g., g in Sun Studio compilers). The goal of generating debugging information is
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