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In this chapter the word Automation is capitalized to distinguish programmatic Automation from application automation (such as adding VBA code to a button s Click event).
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Use 3 lb (1.5 kg) peeled, seeded cucumber in place of celery. Optional garnish: small, diced, cooked cucumber.
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Figure 12-10: Simple (left) and more traditional (right) Sharing tabs
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or of the growth of pathogens. In the most effective systems, nothing is left to chance. At each stage of food production and storage, workers refer to written guidelines that explain what to look for and what action to take if the standards are not met. Having written guidelines helps everyone avoid costly mistakes.
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2. For all jobs the following condition must hold:
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Assessment and distribution cycles are the allocation methods used to support a value-based model, where the costs are pushed down throughout the organization. Within an allocation cycle, the process or group and the cost elements or group are selected as the senders, and the internal order or group is then chosen as the receiver. Recall from 5 that the basis for these cycles are fixed percentages, fixed dollars, fixed ratios, or variable portions based on an actype, process, cost element, or statistical key figure value or quantity. For the examples illustrating the assessment cycle, Exhibit 6.1, and distribution cycle, Exhibit 6.2, from a process to an internal order, costs must already reside on the process. A cost center to process assessment has already occurred using secondary cost element 999888 to allocate $500 of the Facilities cost center (CC1100) to the Print Materials process. A cost center to process distribution has also allocated $1,000 in Salaries (430000) from the Printing cost center (CC1200) to the Print Materials process. Additionally, $200 of copy expenses from an outside printing service and $800 of external temporary help are directly posted from FI to the Print
Quality of Distribution and Trading Support Which firms have traded the most shares over the last 3, 6, and 12 months Most active traders tend to have the best order flow; strong order flow usually means good execution; good execution gets the company the best value for its money. Can the firm get the stock out there to the buy-side and continuously support the desired liquidity of the stock through volume and trading activity Finally, what are the characteristics of the sales force Are they professional and experienced, or is it a force simply out for the commission Value Creation Which firms have done the most to create shareholder value Do the investment bankers call with good ideas, and are they considered trusted advisors Do they have an analyst covering the sector, and, more important, is it a good analyst with whom the management team will get along and who is respected by his or her own brokers as well as the rest of The Street Which firms have the analysts who have written the most comprehensive reports, understand the companies investment theses, and have followed through on their research by generating investor interest in the companies
Filtering is a means of temporarily hiding things when they re just in the way. For example, let s say you re viewing a folder that contains dozens, or even hundreds of icons. You want to focus on just the files and folders you modified today or yesterday. You don t want to delete the other icons. You just want to put them into hiding temporarily so you can focus on the more recently edited icons. To view just the icons you modified today and yesterday, you would select (check) the Today and Yesterday checkboxes shown back in Figure 28.23. Then click outside the menu. Icons that were not modified today or yesterday remain visible while all other icons disappear. The Date Modified column heading shows a checkmark to serve as a visual reminder that you re not viewing all icons only icons that meet certain Date Modified criteria, as in Figure 28.26.
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4. To assemble pies, distribute pecans evenly in pie shells. Fill with syrup mixture. 5. Bake at 450 F (230 C) for 10 minutes. Reduce heat to 325 F (165 C). Bake about 40 minutes more, until set.
Potential Future Functionality Summary
Each pane serves a purpose. You ll see that as you go through the chapter. The left pane can show either Tasks (steps involved in creating a movie) or Collections (video, pictures, and music you can use in your movie). To switch between the Tasks and Collections panes, use the buttons pointed out in Figure 25.2. You can size all panes except the Tasks pane. Get the tip of the mouse pointer in the inner border of the pane you want to size so that the mouse pointer turns to the two-headed sizing arrow. Then drag left or right to size a side pane. Or drag up and down to size the Storyboard/Timeline pane.
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