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Working with material modifiers Applying decals with the UVW Map modifier Using the Unwrap UVW modifier and the Edit UVW window Using pelt mapping Rendering a UV template
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If you ve created a high-resolution model that you want to animate as a skin object, but the mesh is too complex to move around, then the Skin Wrap modifier might be just what you need. The Skin Wrap modifier may be applied to a high-resolution mesh and with the Parameters rollout, you can select a low-resolution control object. Any movements made by the low-resolution control object automatically are applied to high-resolution mesh. The Skin Wrap modifier has two available Deformation Engines: Face Deformation and Vertex Deformation. Each vertex contained with the control object acts as a control vertex. The Vertex Deformation option moves the vertices closest to each control vertex when the control vertex is moved, and the Face Deformation option moves the faces that are closest. For each deformation mode, you can set a Falloff value, which moves vertices farther from the moved control vertex to a lesser extent to ensure a smoother surface. For the Vertex Deformation mode, you can also set a Distance Influence value and Face Limit values to increase the extent of influence for a control vertex. The Reset button can be used to reset the control object to the high-resolution mesh object. This is useful if you need to realign the control object to the Skin Wrap object. When you re finished animating the control object, the Convert to Skin button may be used to transfer the animation keys to the high-resolution objects. The Advanced Parameters rollout includes a button for mirroring the selected vertices to the opposite side of the control object. The Modifiers menu also includes a Skin Wrap Patch modifier, which works the same as the Skin Wrap modifier, but it allows the control object to be a patch.
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Li Changjiang, the country s quality watchdog chief, claimed that 85 percent of the Mattel toy recalls were due to Mattel design faults the toys made with tiny magnets that kids were ingesting and 15 percent of the toys were considered unsafe because of the use of dangerous lead in paint. He noted that Chinese exports in the rst half of 2007 to the United States were up by 17.8 percent, and by more than 30 percent to the European Union, declaring that these gures show fully that Chinese products are popular all over the world. . . . More than 99 percent of our goods meet standards. Demonizing Chinese products, or talking of the Chinese product threat, I think is simply a new kind of trade protectionism. A spokesman for China s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine further stated that Mattel should improve its product design and supervision over product quality. Chinese original equipment manufacturers were doing the job just as importers requested, and the toys conformed with the U.S. regulations and standards at the time of production. Since the Mattel recalls started, China had come under intense criticism from the likes of U.S. Sen. Christopher J. Dodd, the Connecticut Democrat, who had gone so far as to propose suspending all toy imports from China. His idea might have been taken seriously, because still more trouble was brewing. Just as the long Labor Day 2007 holiday ended and children were headed back to school, another Mattel recall shattered the expectations of the public, the media, and members of Congress, now out for blood, that the toxic toy danger had subsided. On September 4, the CPSC and Mattel announced that 844,000 toys containing excessive amounts of lead were recalled. Three Fisher-Price toys and a number of Barbie accessories a whopping 675,000 were named. Mattel claimed the recall was part of its ongoing investigation that was promised after the August recalls. With the latest recall, CBS News reported that Mattel s reputation took another hit, and noted that the company could face an uphill battle convincing consumers about the safety of its products. . . . Eckert was now about to put a plan into effect that would give Mattel an even bigger black eye.
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Save this query to use later, naming it qrySalesTotalsWithTax.
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