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Moving a vehicle across a landscape can be a difficult procedure if you need to place every rotation and position key, but with the Surface constraint, it becomes easy. In this tutorial, we use the Surface constraint to roll a tire down a hill. To roll a tire down a hill with the Surface constraint, follow these steps: 1. Open the Tire rolling on a hill.max file from the Chap 33 directory on the DVD. This file includes a patch grid hill and a wheel object made from primitives.
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To safely remove a device, click that icon and then click the device you want to disconnect. Or double-click the tiny Safely Remove Hardware icon. The dialog box shown in Figure 47.9 opens listing each connected mass storage device.
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Pots, Pans, and Containers
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The most important kind of biological hazards to consider are microorganisms.A microorganism is a tiny,usually single-celled organism that can be seen only with a microscope.A microorganism that can cause disease is called a pathogen.Although these organisms sometimes occur in clusters large enough to be seen with the naked eye,they are not usually visible.This is one reason why they can be so dangerous. Just because food looks good doesn t mean it is safe. Four kinds of microorganisms can contaminate food and cause illness: 1. 2. 3. 4. Bacteria Viruses Fungi Parasites
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Poisson random variable: pmf ) is given by:
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Cooking in small batches rather than holding for long periods in a steam table.
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Percentage of sales revenue and pro t contribution from selected markets/ products. Percentage of sales revenue and pro t contribution from top 5 or 10 customers. Customer retention ratio (number of customers at end of year [excluding new customers won during year] number of customers at start of year). Customer acquisition ratio (new customers won during year number of customers at start of year).
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22. 23.
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Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems
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Ready to burn videos and pictures.
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Although Barad had exited Mattel with a wad of dough, she did not receive as much as a farewell party from the company to which she gave so much of her life. Under better circumstances, there would have been a big, catered bash, but the security guards who were said to have escorted her out of the El Segundo headquarters for the last time weren t in much of a festive mood, and were just doing their job. After Jill had left the company she threw her own goodbye party because at Mattel she was just out the door, says Diana Troup. About a year-and-a-half after she left the company, she had a party at her home where she invited her people who she really enjoyed the most to celebrate her career at Mattel, and that was wonderful. The people that were there for her at Mattel were the people that liked her, that did not say bad things about her, who genuinely did a great job for her. It wasn t like I m only going to have the cr me de la cr me. Her assistant was even there. She invited people from lower level to upper level. Barad also tossed a glitzy 50th birthday party for herself at a fancy restaurant. We had to do something in the way of a little performance for her, says Troup. It wasn t like she was Marie Antoinette and please come and entertain me, do something special for me. That was not from her, that was from her husband. So he got up there in a top hat. At the same time, Troup, who had left Mattel because of her cancer, had joined Barad in a top-secret business venture, working out of her newly opened of ces shared with her producer husband in Beverly Hills. She couldn t do dolls because of her agreement with Mattel, says Troup. We did something that was not toy-related, that was just gorgeous and beautiful. But in the end, Barad made the decision not to market the product.
All group members need to be clear on the goal, time availability and tasks to be accomplished to reach a given target. Beyond such basics, group processes need
Probably the main reason that most people set up a .NET Passport is so they can use the Windows Messenger program that comes with Windows XP. As you ll learn in this chapter, Windows Messenger provides access to all sorts of .NET Passport services. To start Windows Messenger, use whichever technique is available and most convenient at the moment: Click the Start button and choose All Programs Windows Messenger. Double-click the little Windows Messenger icon in the Notification area. If you re not already signed in to your account, you ll see your .NET Passport account user name, which is the same as your e-mail address. Click the Click here to sign in option beneath that and follow any instructions that you see on the screen. Eventually, you ll be taken to the Windows Messenger program. The main window of that program, as it s often called, will look something like the example shown in Figure 34-2.
Philippe Wegner. Interaction design at the Utrecht School of the Arts. SIGCHI Bulletin, 26(3):49-79, 1994. Lawrence W. Barsalou. Cognitive Psychology: An Overview for Cognitive Scientists. Tutorial Essays in Cognitive Science. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Hillsdale, NJ, 1992. Elisabeth Bayle, Rachel Bellamy, George Casaday, Thomas Erickson, Sally Fincher, Beki Grinter, Ben Gross, Diane Lehder, Hans Marmolin, Brian Moore, C o b Potts, Grant Skousen, and John Thomas. Putting it all together: Towards a pattern language for interaction design. SIGCHI Bulletin, 30(1):17-23, January 1998. Kent Beck and Ward Cunningham. Using pattern languages for object-oriented programs. Technical Report CR-87-43, Tektronix, Inc., September 17,1987. Presented at the OOPSLA'87 workshop on Specification and Design for Object-Oriented Programming. Joachim-Ernst Berendt, editor. Die Story des Jazz. Vom New Orleans zum Rock Jazz. Reinbek, Hamburg, 1978. Bernhard Binkowski, editor. Musik Um Uns. J. B. Metzler, Stuttgart, 1988. Jan Borchers, Oliver Deussen, and Clemens Knorzer. Getting it across: Layout issues for kiosk systems. Proceedings of the Workshop on W3-Based Online Kiosk Systems, W 9 5 Third International World-Wide Web Conference, Darmstadt, 1995. Reprinted in SIGCHI Bulletin, 27(4):6874, October 1995. Tan Borchers, Oliver Deussen, Arnold Klingert, and Clemens Knorzer. Layout rules for graphical web documents. Computers 6 Graphics 20(3):415-426, May-June 1996. Jan 0. Borchers. WorldBeat: Designing a baton-based interface for an interactive music exhibit. In Proceedings o f the CHI 97 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (Atlanta, GA, USA, March 22-27, 1997), pages 131138, ACM, New York, 1997.
Empire Demolition
into it after the first draft, Stephen S. Power, at John Wiley & Sons, approached the project with the same diligence and care as if it had been his to oversee from the start. I thank both Peter and Stephen for their essential contributions, and acknowledge Susan Bernat for refined copyediting. I also wish thank all those who aided me in myriad ways, through advice, discussions, or reading text: David Abram, Amelia Amon, Jamie Arndt, Connie Barlow, Ace Barnes, Jean Barnes, Tim Binkley, Susan Blackmore, Jackie Brookner, Allen Campbell, Carla Campbell, Orren Champer, Vivian Champer, William Clark, Joan Breton Connelly, Susan Doll, Harwood Fisher, Martha Foley, Kristin Volk Funk, Mary Gordon, Kathelin Gray, Jeff Greenberg, Ricardo Guerrero, Nancy Hartel, Iris Hoffert, Marty Hoffert, Curtiss Hoffman, Lyn Hughes, Ralph Klicker, Aaron Krochmal, Joseph LeDoux, Michael Lewis, Emily Loose, Ann Marek, Gabby Marek, Lynn Margulis, Andrew Neher, Jill Neimark, Ann Perrini, Robert Pollack, Michael Rampino, John Richards, Susan M. Richards, John Richardson, Gabriele Rico, Bill Rowe, William Ruddick, Claude M. Scales III, Saundra Schimmelpfennig, William Schuster, Sonya Shannon, Sandy Silky, Michael Simpson, Sheldon Solomon, Guenther Stotzky, Francesco Tubiello, Richard Turner, Sylvia Turner, Janice Volk, Jim Volk, Ken Volk, Lauren Volk, Tom Volk, Luke Wallin, Deborah Winiarski. Finally, I thank the staff at the interlibrary loan department of Miller Library at Western New Mexico University, the information office at the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum, the numerous researchers who sent me their papers, and all the scholars across so many fields whose work guided and informed my efforts.
nalog video needs to be converted to digital video before it will work on a computer. The easiest way to make the conversion is through an analog capture device. This allows you to connect an analog video camera or VCR to your computer. Use software that came with the device to capture analog video to AVI or WMV format for best compatibility with Windows Vista. MPEG format will also work but sometimes requires special codecs. There are many products for capturing analog video on the market. Some require adding a new video capture card inside your computer. If you re not the type of person who likes to mess around inside your computer, you can use a bridge. Pinnacle Systems (www.PinnacleSys.com) and ADS Tech (www.adstech.com) are two companies that make such products. If you have a digital video camera, you may be able to copy video from an analog video camera or VCR to DV tape in your digital video camera. Check the instructions that came with your camera. If you can do that, then you can use the method described here to import the video from the DV tape into your computer. Once you capture analog video to files on your hard drive, you can use Windows Movie Maker to create your own custom movies from those files. Or, you can use Windows DVD Maker to copy the imported tape straight to DVD without editing in Movie Maker first.
Songs on my portable MuVo player.
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