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Jim Watson Managing director
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Rationales for Risk Management in Banks
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The genius of this approach is that it inverts the traditional logic of regulation. Consumers have direct access to the information they need to determine the authenticity of their medication, without having to rely on the efforts of government regulators, customs officials, and other top-down authority figures to vouch for drug purity. The information, and accountability, flows directly from the supplier to the end-user, through the simplest of mechanisms. They began work on the project, called mPedigree, in 2008. Some of the initial partners drifted away, leaving Simons to refocus the team s efforts based on some important things they had learned from the early development process. For example, early in the process, mPedigree encountered issues that led them to believe that a successful program would have to be regional in scope, because so many of the medications in the Ghanaian market originally came from neighboring countries. That meant engaging the combined support of all the pharmaceutical companies to maintain a comprehensive master database. It appeared that the drug makers were going to immediately lift up and implement our pilot, because they have a problem, Simons explained. But it turned out there were other considerations beyond the problem of counterfeiting. There were issues to do with the nature and balance of the market, which was regional. There were issues to do with regulation, which were not always aligned with anti-counterfeiting. It soon became clear that the problem was complex enough to require the involvement, or at least the attention, of the government. When the pilot ended around April 2008 in Ghana, we began to assess on two fronts, said Simons. One was to create a global platform, because we knew eventually it would have to be a global solution. Two, we had engage government in Ghana as a way of learning how to do it in other countries. Part of the government s role was to secure a nationwide emergency exchange number and make sure it was well-publicized, so people would not be fooled or confused by counterfeiters sending out false authentication over their own bogus systems. Simons compared it to the 911 emergency dispatch system in the United States. In the United States, no one wonders, you just call 911. If you have six other numbers, you might call someone who claims to be the police, but turns out to be burglars.
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Ultimately, we wish to compute the pmf of the random variable X,, that is, the probabilities v;(n) = P(X, = i) that the DTMC is in state i, at time step n. These probabilities, called transient state probabilities at time n, will then allow us to derive the desired performance measures. Given the n-step transition probability matrix P cn), the vector of the state probabilities at time
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Box 3.12 ABCO: The need for market intelligence ABCO displayed little coherence in its approach to the market, partly due to a lack of effective planning. Comprehensive, accurate, relevant and up-to-date information lies at the heart of effective planning, but there was no systematic feedback process to extract information about buying behaviour from existing customers, nor any serious attempt at gathering data through market research into new markets. Therefore the directors had to base their decisions on assumptions and beliefs about existing customers needs and buying behaviour, the nature and strength of competition, how ABCO was perceived in terms of its distinctiveness, strengths and weaknesses, and the needs of geographically new market segments, rather than on well-researched facts.
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Converting a FAT disk to NTFS
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Viewing a Scene from a Light
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Figure 1.4 is a version of a common design method modified especially for use with Microsoft Access. This five-step method is a top-down approach, starting with the overall system design and ending with the forms design.
XYZ may have 20 ounces versus Gatorade s 16 ounces yet cost half the price. If the drink does the job for athletes just like Gatorade, XYZ is probably a bargain and consumers will be very interested. A stock is no different. A company that knows its peers and understands its value relative to those peers can do a better job of communicating its value story. Defining the company through an IR audit is the key to this process, and it sets the foundation for communicating to the outside world.
Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems
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