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Per 1 ounce: Calories, 50; Protein, 1 g; Fat, 5 g (79% cal.); Cholesterol, 20 mg; Carbohydrates, 2 g; Fiber, 0 g; Sodium, 30 mg.
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We Will Get Much Better at Modeling
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To guarantee the bene ts of a uni ed smart phone base that can be widely used all over the world, several parties need to conform to the existing compatibility criteria. These parties are naturally the platform itself, but platform-based phones and individual application developers also need to commit to follow certain rules. If any of these parties fail in their development, the whole structure could collapse. Once a new platform version is in the pipeline, the new APIs need to be introduced as extensions to, and not embedded in, the previous releases by changing, for example, the function ordinals in DLLs. All new implementations should be made by following the compatibility scenario in Figure 4-3, where X represents the platform and Y an application developed with the help of the platform SDK. This can sometimes feel like trying to come up with a jigsaw puzzle where the shape of the pieces is constantly changing. The following sections introduce each player s responsibilities and give some practical hints on how to maintain control in building this big picture .
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By default, when you process a query on related tables, Access only returns records that appear in both tables. Considering the payroll example from the Integrity Rules section, earlier in this chapter, this means that you would only see employees that have valid paycheck records in the paycheck table. You would not see any employees who have not yet received a paycheck. Such a relationship is sometimes called an equi-join because the only records that appear are those that exist on both sides of the relationship. However, the equi-join is not the only type of join supported by Access. Click on the Join Type button to open the Join Properties dialog box. The alternative settings in the Join Properties dialog box allow you to specify that you prefer to see all the records from either the parent table or child table, regardless of whether they re matched on the other side. (It s possible to have an unmatched child record as long as the foreign key in the child table is null.) Such a join (called an outer join) can be very useful because it accurately reflects the state of the data in the application. In the case of the Collectible Mini Cars example, seeing all the customers, regardless of whether they have records in the Sales table, is what you re shooting for. To specify an outer join connecting customers to sales, perform these steps:
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Battle of the Titans: The Global Outsourcing Landscape
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7 percent club. See Seven percent club 401(k) accounts, 162 advantages, 163 balance, rollover, 167 contributions, 28 savings accounts, usage, 163 164 sponsor, 188 401(k) plans application, 180 employer sponsorship, 31 vesting, 51 AARP. See American Association of Retired Persons Accumulated income/gains, distributions, 164 Adjusted gross income (AGI), 53 55, 134, 140. See also Modified AGI level, 154, 157 limits, 164 threshold amount, 155 Adult living choices, 242 244 Advance PCS Prescription Plan, 100 101 AdvancePCS, 100 After-tax cash, usage, 223 After-tax principal investments, 229 After-tax wealth, 162, 172. See also Education increase, 173 Age wave direction, 1 8 possibilities, 12 14 Ageless Explorers, 246
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Another type of hors d oeuvre that has become increasingly popular is the Spanish tapa.The variety of tapas is so great that it is dif cult to give a de nition, except to say
Beef Primal Cuts and Fabricated Cuts
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In this case, you want Access to show you a datasheet of all customer names and addresses meeting the query s criteria (multiple products purchased in 2012). In this case, Access retrieves customer names and cities from tblCustomers and then obtains the number of products from the tblProducts table, and the year of sale from the tblSales table. Figure 4.3 shows this relatively complex query.
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