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N OT E Fireworks also opens layout files created with Photoshop, which you can then save as .png files.
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But the piece, written by Claire Miller, also noted that women can be troublemakers, too. The article listed Barad among the A-listers of fallen corporate stars and included such women as Linda Wachner, who helped lead Warnaco into bankruptcy; Carly Fiorina, who was axed from Hewlett-Packard after the much-criticized acquisition of Compaq Computer, and lifestyle maven and convicted white-collar criminal Martha Stewart. With Barad gone, a new era in the new millennium was about to begin at the world s largest, and most embattled, toy company as it headed toward the astonishing half-century mark of its mainstay, Barbie. Few would have been able to predict the complications and legal issues that would arise.
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Although an activity/process object did not exist prior to Release 2.2, many users developed workarounds for this limitation in ABC functionality and still use these workarounds. The objects used to support ABC in the pre-2.2 Release would not be readily identified with ABC in the most traditional sense. Two examples of such possible workarounds are: 1. Activity type drivers to represent business processes 2. Internal orders to represent business processes
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It is also difficult to compute the economic value of equity as the difference of the market value of assets minus the market value of liabilities. Most of the bank s assets are not traded or not tradable in the open market because the bank has specific knowledge or informational advantages, and outside investors are not willing to buy those assets because of this asymmetric information. Therefore, no market value can be determined for many bank assets.70 The observable market capitalization of the bank s traded shares is too volatile a measure71 and, therefore, prone to not satisfying the previously mentioned characteristics.72
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Buyer beware! Stay on the periphery of a grocery store where you will find the produce section full of vegetables and fruits; the dairy and dairy alternative sections; the bins of grains, peas, legumes, seeds and nuts; lean meats; fresh fish; and soy products such as extra-firm tofu, tempeh and miso.
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Smith (1993), p. 19. Allen and Santomero (1996), p. 14. 164Note that there is no risk aversion by the firm per se as for individuals. 165See Froot et al. (1993), pp. 1631 1632. 166Also see Tufano (1996), p. 1109. 167See Smith (1993), p. 19. 168See Fenn et al. (1997), p. 20. 169See Tufano (1996), p. 1109.
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Figure 50-1: MAXScript is written using standard syntax in a simple text editor window.
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Table 8.4
5.1.7 Multimedia Cards (MMC)
Here we cost out a sample recipe to show you how the procedure works.First, note the following points and keep them in mind when you are calculating portion costs. Many errors in costing are caused by forgetting one of these points. 1. Costs must be based on AP (as purchased) amounts,even though recipes often give EP (edible portion) quantities.These terms are explained in the preceding section. 2. Include everything.That means the lemon wedge and parsley garnish for the sh llet,the cream and sugar that go with the coffee,and the oil that was used for panfrying the eggplant.These are sometimes called hidden costs. Seasonings and spices are a typical example of hidden costs that are dif cult to calculate. Some operations add up the cost of all seasonings used in a year and divide that by the total food cost to get a percentage.This percentage is added to each item. For example, if the cost of an item is $2.00 and the seasoning cost percentage is 5 percent, the total cost is $2.00 plus 5 percent of $2.00, or $2.10. Other hidden costs can be calculated in the same way.For example,you could figure out your cost percentage for frying fat and add the percentage to all deep-fried foods. rocedure for Calculating Portion Cost Some restaurants take an arbitrary gure for all hidden costs, usually from List ingredients and quantities of recipe as prepared. 8 to 12 percent,and add this to all menu Convert the recipe quantities to AP (as purchased) quantities. items. Determine the price of each ingredient (from invoices, price lists, etc.). The units in this 3. Record the number of portions actually step and in step 2 must be the same in order for you to do the calculation. served, not just the number the recipe Calculate the total cost of each ingredient by multiplying the price per unit by the number is intended to serve. If the roast shrank of units needed. more than you expected during cooking, or if you dropped a piece of cake Add the ingredient costs to get the total recipe cost. on the oor, those costs still have to be Divide the total cost by the number of portions served to get the cost per portion. covered.
Metric 1 kg 250 mL
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