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Part IX Rendering and mental ray
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The Wrapper Parameters section includes two adjustable values: Default Projection Distance, which is the distance that the Wrapper moves if it doesn t intersect with the Wrap-To object, and Standoff Distance, which is the distance between the Wrapper and the Wrap-To object. The Use Selected Vertices option causes only the selected vertices passed up the Stack to be moved.
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The fth leading sauce is hollandaise. Hollandaise and its cousin, b arnaise, are unlike the sauces we have been studying because their major ingredient is not stock or milk but butter. Before tackling the complexities of hollandaise,we rst look at simpler butter preparations used as sauces. 1. Melted butter. This is the simplest butter preparation of all,and one of the most widely used,especially as a dressing for vegetables. Unsalted or sweet butter has the freshest taste and is ideal for all sauce-making. Clari ed butter. Butter consists of butterfat,water,and milk solids.Clari ed butter is puri ed butterfat,with water and milk solids removed (see Figure 8.7).It is necessary for many cooking operations. Clari ed butter is used in saut ing because the milk solids of unclari ed butter would burn at such high temperatures. It is used in making hollandaise because the water of unclari ed butter would change the consistency of the sauce. Brown butter. Known as beurre noisette (burr nwah zett) in French,this is whole melted butter that has been heated until it turns light brown and gives off a nutty aroma.It is usually prepared at the last minute and served over sh, white meats, eggs, and vegetables. Care must be taken not to burn the butter,as the heat of the pan will continue to brown it even after it is removed from the re. Black butter. Black butter, or beurre noir (burr nwahr), is made like brown butter but heated until it is a little darker, and it is flavored with a few drops of vinegar. Capers, chopped parsley, or both are sometimes added. To avoid dangerous spattering of the vinegar in the hot butter, many chefs pour the butter over the food item,then deglaze the pan with the vinegar and pour that over the item. Meuni re butter. This is served with sh cooked la Meuni re (see p.470).Brown butter is seasoned with lemon juice and poured over the fish, which has been sprinkled with chopped parsley. As in the case of black butter, dangerous spattering can result when moisture is added to hot butter.To avoid this, cooks often sprinkle the lemon juice directly on the sh before pouring on the brown butter.
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Figure 17-16: The brass swan was created using the CrossSection and Surface modifiers.
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Part IV: Professional Database Development
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the first aggregation step, i.e., the computation of
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It isn t always easy to know what buyers value, but it s worth trying to gure out. Before you go too far, though, determine which people in the client s organization you should expend energy on. You may decide that those you have categorized as detractors aren t going to change their minds, so you might not try to win them over. Or you may believe that two of the people you think are neutral could make the difference in the decision. Plan to spend more time determining how you can add value to your sales process for them. Look beyond the people you have categorized as advocates. Resist the natural tendency to gravitate toward the people who like you and support your efforts. Decide how you can help those you believe are neutral, unknown, and even detractors. Your goal is to keep your existing supporters on your side, but also to create new ones. You might ask an advocate to talk to those who are leaning toward or are neutral about the value of your services, for example. On the other hand, if a supporter s bias is too obvious within the buyer s organization, it might be better for you to work directly with someone who is still on the fence. And be sure you haven t incorrectly characterized anyone before you take any action. Assuming neutrality for someone who is actually a detractor can have disastrous consequences. To complete the client value pro le, plan the speci c steps to take with each individual to move your sales effort ahead. Develop the actions, responsibilities, expected results, and due date for the steps you identify. If you know that one of your client executives wants to know how other companies handle a speci c type of customer account, assign someone to gather and communicate that information to the client. If you have clients on your list you d like to work with, but don t know what they value, your rst task is to ask them. You may schedule a short meeting to discuss the project and probe the client s key points of interest. Offer assistance, if you think it makes sense and moves the sale forward. As part of this nal step, you ll learn more about why each person cares about the sale, and that information will be invaluable to your ongoing sales effort. Once you have discovered all the sources of client value, make
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New application domains
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The Management of Patients with Chronic Wounds 127
cial to turn a hobby into a business that generates a tax loss at least in some years. The losses can be deductible if a profit is made in at least three out of any five consecutive years. The losses also can be deducted if the operation never earns a profit but is managed in a professional manner with the intention of making a profit. Taxpayers who receive Social Security benefits need to be vigilant about the possibility of taxes being imposed on the benefits. Additional capital gains or distributions from a retirement account could trigger extra taxes.
tells Max to create a sphere with radius of 15, so the entire script created 10 spheres and added them to your scene. Unfortunately, Max puts them all in the same spot, so let s move them around a bit so we can see them:
10: VBA Programming Fundamentals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 377
Granularity = 4
Parameter Experiment 24 hr 54 set 4 hr 10 min 10 min 30 set 0.99 1 Experiment 1 yr 12 hr 4 hr 10 min 10 min 30 set 0.99 2 Experiment 3
Generally, you enter a field with either no characters selected or the entire value selected. If you use the keyboard (Tab or Arrow keys) to enter a field, you select the entire value. (You know that the entire value is selected when it s displayed in reverse video.) When you begin to type, the new content replaces the selected value automatically. When you click in a field, the value is not selected. To select the entire value with the mouse, use any of these methods:
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