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Pauli, Eugen. Classical Cooking the Modern Way: Recipes, 3rd ed. Arno Schmidt, trans., and Margaret Schmidt, ed. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, 1997. . Classical Cooking the Modern Way: Methods and Techniques, 3rd ed.Arno Schmidt, trans., and Margaret Schmidt, ed. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, 1999.
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Achieving a Quantum Leap in Enterprise Productivity
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According to a 1998 survey of 1,060 convictions of drivers and operators [31], the offenses were distributed as follows.
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The Select Objects dialog box and the Schematic and Track Views can display the hierarchy of objects in a scene as an ordered list, with child objects indented under parent objects. Clicking the Select by Name button (H) on the main toolbar opens the Select Objects dialog box; click the Display Subtree option to see all the children under the selected object. Figure 10-7 shows the Select Parent dialog box with the Display Subtree option selected. The Schematic View (opened with the Graph Editors New Schematic View menu command) presents a graph in which objects are represented by rectangles with their hierarchical links drawn as lines running between them. The Schematic View window is covered in the next chapter.
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Budgets also generally fell, with one exception, as shown below (numbers shown are in millions of dollars). Firm (U.S. Stock Research) 2000 2003 $292.4 $284.8 $269.9 $185.0 $177.7 $249.3 $160.1
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Different types of maps exist. Some maps wrap images about objects, while others define areas to be modified by comparing the intensity of the pixels in the map. An example of this is a bump map. A standard bump map would be a grayscale image when mapped onto an object, lighter colored sections would be raised to a maximum of pure white and darker sections would be indented to a minimum of black. This enables you to easily create surface textures, such as an orange rind, without having to model them. Still other uses for maps include background images called environment maps and projection maps that are used with lights.
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Bibliography Open Software Foundation. OSFIMotif Style Guide Release 1.2. Prentice-Hall, 1992. Steven Pemberton. Flags are not languages. ACM SIGCHI Bulletin, 30(1):96,1998.
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When most of us think of the word diet, we think of a short-term plan involving extreme and sometimes bizarre food restrictions or prescriptions in order to lose excess weight in as little time as possible. But at one time, before the Weight Watchers and Scarsdales of the modern world, diet referred to the food and drink we routinely consumed. And so it should. Short-term and extreme weight-loss plans don t generally have long-term health benefits. As I mentioned earlier, I am not advocating an overnight solution to whatever ails us, but rather a lifelong food management system that will ensure our optimal well-being. There is no need to flip-flop from diet to diet to diet. We must simply eat in harmony with our longstanding genetic predisposition to food food that is natural, whole and bioenergetic. We must follow the natural circadian rhythm both daily and seasonally. And we must build a physical and emotional routine that will benefit and not harm our health. If we do, we will be delivering all of the nutrients to our 100 trillion cells necessary for self-diagnosis and self-healing. We will achieve hormonal balance. We will boost our mood, remain vigilant, calm and alert. We will live a longer, healthier life. The lifelong food management system that can achieve all of this, I like to call The World s Best Diet. It is based on four important, but easily understood, principles: adaptability, moderation, variety and balance. Let s explore these further.
In the non-computer world, you probably keep your important paper documents in folders in some file cabinet somewhere. The obvious advantage to doing so is that the folders give you some means of organizing your documents so they re easy to find later. You ll also store all your computer documents in folders for exactly the same reason that you store paper documents: to organize them so they re easy to find later. In the computer world, your hard disk is the file cabinet, and your folders are represented by icons. Unlike icons for
If you use Microsoft Outlook as your e-mail client, you can easily back up your messages and contacts by choosing File Import and Export from Outlook s menu bar. Choose Export to a File, and then click Next. Choose Personal Folder File (.pst), and click Next once again. When asked what to export, you can choose any folder you like. If you want to back up all your messages, contacts, and calendar, click on Personal Folders at the top of the list. Choose the Include Subfolders option, and click Next. When asked where you want to store the exported file, you can choose a common folder like My Documents. That way, when you back up that folder later, you ll automatically back up everything that s in Outlook as well. Optionally, you can choose an external magnetic disk, like a Zip disk or thumb drive. Click the Finish button, and you ll see some options for encrypting the data. Personally, I wouldn t recommend password-protecting the file, unless you re certain that you won t forget the password should you ever need to recover the data from the .pst file. For more information, choose Help Microsoft Office Outlook Help from Outlook s menu bar. Search for the word export, and take a look at the About importing and exporting, and anything else that looks relevant, in the links that appear.
Real-World Texture Coordinates is a new mapping method explained in more detail in 25, Adding Material Details with Maps.
Revising Your Personal Study Plan
You have already worked with counts using the Count (*) function in the previous section.
decided in early 1998 (along with my inexplicably understanding spouse) to pursue a full-time career as an independent consultant and speaker, specializing in the area of business growth for the privately held business. So far, so good. Soon after, people began to hire me. In almost every case, they hired me based on my experience growing smaller businesses into bigger ones. That s what gave me credibility in their eyes. Whether it was as a speaker or a consultant, it was my past success that got their attention. I have now spoken directly with literally tens of thousands of owners and managers of private enterprises. To this day, people still usually hire me based on my real-world experience. But here s an interesting thing. As I said before, I did learn a few things about growing businesses while I was doing it. However, I ve learned much, much more about the concept of business growth since becoming a consultant, speaker, and expert in the field. What I ve learned, combined with my experience growing small companies, is really what I bring to the table. For years, I ve immersed myself in the study of business growth. Who does it Why do they do it Why does this owner make it work and not that one What do the academicians say on the subject Successful entrepreneurs Other selfproclaimed experts The media It s a fascinating subject and one in which your sources of information are never exhausted. So what have I learned For one thing, I ve learned that back when I thought I knew everything I could on the subject of growth, I actually knew very little. I ve also learned that the more I know about my chosen field, the less definitive I can be. In other words, the more I see and hear and experience what it takes to grow a privately held business, the less able I am to make sweeping pronouncements and general statements of truth.
A Yes/No field displays Yes, No, True, False, On, or Off, depending on the value stored in the field and the setting of the Format property for the field. Access predefines these rather obvious format specifications for the Yes/No field type:
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