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Navigation Target Name property
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Setting the Range Some executives, when giving guidance, will choose a range straddling their internally budgeted earnings per share number. That is, if they think they ll generate $0.13 per share for a quarter, they ll choose to communicate a range of $0.12 to $0.14 believing analysts will pick the middle of the range. In actuality, companies should understand that there are many factors that they do not control, and given the fact that no one knows the future, they should be more conservative. For example, if management believes they ll earn $0.13, the communicated range should be at most $0.11 to $0.13 per share. This positions the company to release earnings at the high end of the range if in fact they earn $0.13 as expected. However, if something happens out of management s control that adversely affects earnings and causes the company to generate $0.12 per share, at least analysts will acknowledge that management hit the middle of the range and view it as a successful quarter. Under the original $0.12 to $0.14 range, management s results would be at the low end of the range and would most certainly be viewed as a negative. The key takeaway here is that management controlled the process in either case and was fully empowered to position itself for success.
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16.4.2 Jamming Techniques
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Shortcut icons
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Non-biped tracks are added using the Add Max Objects button on the toolbar. This button also opens a dialog box listing the available scene objects.
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Personalizing Windows Vista
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17: Importing and Exporting Data
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PAR: A New Approach to Delegation synchronize the moving parts of an organization. (Bossidy and Charan, 2002, page 127) Sometimes things happen that prevent a plan from getting done, and that s okay. It s why you also discuss the present, or any problems the associate is facing. Planning is a dynamic, not a static, activity that responds to new conditions in the marketplace, deftly making midcourse corrections. This is another reason for checkpoint meetings: to make the changes necessary to the plan to face the demands of reality, which, of course, introduces the third area of discussion for the checkpoint meeting, the future. How must the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, and HOW of the current plan change to ful ll the objective Changes in the plan may also affect the level of authority in which a person may act and new checkpoints may be set for the next meeting during which the past, the present, and the future are discussed again. This is the cycle of effective delegation, how to get things done through others. Plan. Act with authority. Review. The result may initiate new plans with new actions that will need to be reviewed, and so the cycle continues.
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Table 7-1: Select Buttons
This technique eliminates the infamous bang-dot notation that Access developers have suffered with for so many years. Treating a form as an OOP object eliminates a lot of overhead from the code behind the main form.
Changing pay-TV protocols to prevent DDT attacks can be difficult. The base of installed equipment is huge, and many of the obvious countermeasures have an adverse effect on legitimate customers (such as by preventing them from videotaping movies). Pay-TV companies generally ignore this attack, since connecting a PC to a satellite TV decoder through a special hardware adaptor is something only hobbyists do; it is too inconvenient to be a real threat to their revenue stream.
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