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Even the best-written Access application will fail if users don t fully understand how to use it. And it s not just the user interface that needs to be understood: the logic of what happens when the user clicks a particular button needs to be understood both by at least some of the users as well as by any technical support staff who might be involved with the application. While many developers dislike writing documentation, leaving it as a last step that they hopefully won t have time for because they ve moved onto another project, documentation really is a necessary evil.
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Use the Form Wizard to create a form with the fields you choose.
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When you run a macro with submacros from the Navigation Pane, only the first submacro executes.
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The System Restore feature described in 33 also makes periodic backup copies of the registry.
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submitted before February 1, you ll know that the project is on the road to early completion. Reaching Your Checkpoints: The Actions Actions are the individual activities that your employees perform to get from one milestone to the next. To get to the second milestone in the product label design project, your employees will need to complete several actions. These actions might include: Track down and review customer focus group reports. Meet with product manager to get her input. Meet with product marketing manager to get his input. Conduct brainstorming meeting with graphics staff. Create at least five draft sketches of new labels. Schedule meeting to present designs to management.
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by practicing the simulation component of the AICPA sample exam found at www.cpa-exam.org. No one should set foot in a Prometric test center until he or she has spent considerable time practicing the navigational format of the various search routines. Each of the research tools is different, and each of the search routines is different. For example, the FAR research routine requires candidates to copy and paste only one paragraph to satisfy the research requirements. AUDIT, on the other hand, requires candidates to paste multiple paragraphs. Many AUDIT research questions expect candidates to rearrange the order of the paragraphs. The REG search function requires candidates to enter an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) code section and code subsection. Knowing one search routine is no guarantee that you can perform other search routines. It is very dangerous to make any assumptions about proficiency in this area. You must practice the AICPA simulations to see how the search routines have been adapted. Let s say you have worked in public accounting as an auditor and have used the AICPA Professional Standards while performing everyday duties. Could you safely skip the practice exam, relying on work experience Most definitely not! You should take a trial run using a search function to see how to rearrange the paragraph order and how to copy and paste. The functions do not operate exactly like the original products. For example, in the FARS search tool, there is no back button. The history button serves the same function. Take no chances; spend some time with the AICPA sample exam. REQUESTING FREE SOFTWARE How do you request the free database search software Go to the main Web site of the CPA exam (www.cpa-exam.org) and click on the link that allows you to order the free Web-based research tools to practice using FARS for the FAR exam and the AICPA Professional Standards for the AUDIT exam. Currently there is no practice software available for the REG exam. To request the free software, you must have a valid notice to schedule (NTS). Remember that an NTS is given to candidates only after the state board of accountancy has issued an authorization to test (ATT). Access to the practice tools is granted for six months. Candidates should request only what is needed. For example, if you plan to take AUDIT within the January/February testing window and FAR in the October/November testing window, request AUDIT now. Do not request the FAR until your exam date is closer. Understand that the navigational procedures may vary slightly between the exam and the practice tools received from the AICPA. The AICPA sample exam offers the best look at the functionality of the research tools. You must work these sample exams to become familiar with the unique features of each of the search routines for REG, FAR, and AUDIT.
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