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When people say, let me tell you this for your own good, it is for their own good, not yours. When people say, I only have one thing to say about that, be prepared for a lot more than one thing to follow. When people say, I ll try, do not count on it. Things like honesty, integrity, Christianity, intelligence, success, and most other good things do not need to be said or bragged about or crammed down someone s throat. They show. You do not even have to talk about them. They are just there. Proof is always in the action, not the words. Actions say what you believe and the kind of person you are much more than your words. Results are everything and they never lie.
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Evans and Kent [5] propose a precise denotational semantics for a core of UML and use this to identify incompleteness in the informal semantics of the UML documents, particularly with regard to inheritance and instantiation. Two speci c omissions from the UML semantics are (1) a constraint enforcing that instances of a classi er should also be indirect instances of the parents of this classi er, and (2) a constraint expressing the fact that instances cannot be instantiated from arbitrary classi ers, only from a direct classi er and its parents. Evans and Kent propose additional OCL constraints to enforce these properties. Incompleteness in the semantics of packages is also addressed. 2.5.2 A UML Semantics FAQ
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6 wooden skewers, soaked in water overnight 8 oz (230 g) extra-firm tofu, patted dry, cut into 1-inch (2.5 cm) cubes 1 large red pepper, seeded and cut into large squares 1 large green pepper, seeded and cut into large squares
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Clearly, if at a given state s G the set of enabled events becomes empty [i.e., (s) = ], the diagram will remain inde nitely in the same state. To de ne functions and , we proceed by enumerating all possible transition schemes. First, note that if an event e is not active in a con guration G [i.e., either e (G) or (e) G], it will not be executed until by some other event occurrence, e is added to the set of active events. This case is captured by a trivial transition (G, e) = G and ( (G, e)) = (G) When a local action a happens at location l loc(i), the current location of participant i is changed to next(l). Thus, for e = l a where l G, (G, e) = G[next(l)/l]
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frames and unmanaged method frames, and we can recognize context transitions (e.g., across application domain boundaries), encapsulate calls to Rotor facilities to get metadata references and offsets, and use convenient API to perform jobs on the stack. We have managed threads call StackWalkFrames method at, so called, safe points, building upon the other intrinsic Rotor mechanism trapping threads when they know it s safe to suspend. This mechanism has been originally used to trigger garbage collection. Checks for a suspend request have been inserted by the JIT compiler at back edges and everywhere the next piece of code may take a long time to execute [88]. Such checks are also performed by some of the runtime helper functions extensively used in Rotor. We utilize this mechanism and add additional check points at the entry of every method. At that new checkpoints, we test only for the need to take samples. We also use the SSCLI core HashMap class to construct the CC-Map in Rotor. SSCLI HashMap class implements a hash table used by VM for its internal needs. It hashes pointer type values by the pointer type keys (so allows storing pro le objects by the pointer-to-metadata keys); implements locking for insert, delete, and lookup; and takes care of cleaning up itself. It is just what we need. So, we have chosen HashMap as a hash table to store MethodPro le references at the highest level of CC-Map and as a hash table to hold queues of samples waiting for processing in the global samples store. Pro ling results. We tested our pro ler on SSCLI 1.0. To measure overhead and accuracy of pro ling, we used tests from a suite supplied with SSCLI. To estimate the overhead, we chose a set of base tests from bcl\system and bvt subdirectories and tests from bcl\threadsafety subdirectory of the Rotor tests directory. To estimate the accuracy, we used tests from bcl\ threadsafety subdirectory, where multiple threads execute the same code. For measurement, we used statistical correlation of the total executions counters stored in MethodPro le nodes and Arnold & Ryder overlap percentage [92] for the whole tree comparison. The overlap percentage of trees T1 and T2 is computed as follows: N in T1,T2 [min (Weight (NT1), Weight (NT2))] where: Weight (NTx) = value(NTx)/ N in Txvalue(N); N is a node holding a counter; value is the value of the counter. When N is not found in Tx (though it exists in Ty and thus in the TxTy set), it is assumed that value(NTx) = 0. For the performance test, the low threshold for repetitions (cases when the same method appears on the top of the stack) was set to 1%,
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Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life
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New Feature The ability to save, load, map, and retarget animation files is new to 3ds Max 8.
Saving the Completed Table
Delapenha and Company, 306 Delco, 19 20 Depression era. See also Crash of 1929 and Aunt Fan s fortune, 156 158 giving way to WWII, 243 IBM s growth during, xxii IBM s patent policy during, 389 and Nazi Germany, 201 202 Tom Jr. s lifestyle during, 271 272, 274 Tom Sr. s philanthropy during, 174 178 Desk Set (old movie), 355 Detroit Scale Company, 42 Detroit Symphony Orchestra, 281 Deutsche Hollerith Machinen Gesellshcaft. See Dehomag Dickinson, Halsey, 344 345 Dictaphone, 425 DiMaggio, Joe, 393 Disney, Walt, 202, 408, 430 Ditzler, T. L., 8 Dorsey, Tommy, 243 Drucker, Peter: on Dick Watson, 379 at Fortune magazine, 148 on IBM legacy, 437 and IBM s World s Fair showing, 239 on impact of Social Security Act on IBM, 156 on Tom Watson, Sr., 25, 136 137, 142, 362 Duncan, Isadora, 45 DuPont, Ethel, 171 DuPont Company, 299 Eastern Air Lines, 254 Eastman, George, 254 255 Eastman Kodak, 12 13, 254 Eckert, John Presper: backing from government, 398 399 backing from insurance companies, 348 as ENIAC designer, 337 and Tom Watson, Jr., 343 344 and Tom Watson, Sr., 345 346, 355 as UNIVAC developer, 402, 438 Eckert, Wallace, 347, 359 Edge of the Woods (George Inness), 330 Education, employee, 11 Eisenhower, Dwight, 172, 392 397, 403, 407, 412, 428, 429 Eisenhower, Milton, 394 Electric Boat (submarine manufacturer), 44 Electromatic Typewriter Company, 154 Electronic age: competition among players, 346 350 dawning of, 331 339 ENIAC and IBM, 343 346 IBM s embracing of, 354 364 Electronic Control Company, 346, 348 Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer. See ENIAC Ellison, Larry, 437 Elmira Gazette, 320 Elmira School of Commerce, 381 Employees: at IBM, 241 at NCR, 10 11 Endicott, Henry B., 104 Endicott-Johnson (E-J), 102 109, 138, 243 244 Engineering Research Associates, 398 ENIAC: creation of, 337 dismissed by IBM, 343 346 versus IBM s SSEC, 347, 348 En-Joie Park, 250 Enron, 25 Evans, Harry: at C-T-R, 88 death of, 119, 340 at IBM, 111 112
Part III: More-Advanced Access Techniques
62. OMG. UML Superstructure, Version 2.1.1. OMG Document Formal/2007-02-03. Object Management Group, Needham, MA, 2007. 63. OMG. UML pro le for schedulability, performance and time, version 1.1., 2005. 64. OMG. UML Pro le for Modeling and Analysis of Real-Time and Embedded Systems. OMG Document 08-06-08. Object Management Group, Needham, MA, 2008. 65. OMG. UML OCL 2.0 Speci cation. Final/06-05-01. Object Management Group, Needham, MA, 2006. 66. OMG, Query/View/Transformation Speci cation. Technical Report ptc/05-11-01, Object Management Group, Needham, MA, 2005. 67. D. Schmidt and C. Cranor. Half-sync/half-async: an architectural pattern for ef cient and well-structured concurrent I/O. In Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Conference on the Pattern Languages of Programs, Monticello, IL, pp. 1 10, Sept. 1995. 68. C. Snook and M. Butler, U2B: a tool for translating UML-B models into B. 6 in J. Mermet, ed., UML-B Speci cation for Proven Embedded Systems Design. SpringerVerlag, New York, 2004. 69. G. Suny , A. Le Guennec, and J. M. J z quel. Design patterns application in UML. In ECOOP 2000, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 1850, pp. 44 62. Springer-Verlag, New York, 2000. 70. J. S. Ostroff. Temporal Logic for Real-Time Systems. Wiley, New York, 1989. 71. A. Pnueli. Applications of temporal logic to the speci cation and veri cation of reactive systems: a survey of current trends. In Current Trends in Concurrency. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 224. Springer-Verlag, New York, 1986. 72. M. Richters. OCL semantics. Annex A of [65], 2005. 73. M. Ryan, J. Fiadeiro, and T. S. E. Maibaum. Sharing actions and attributes in modal action logic. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science (TACS 91). Springer-Verlag, New York, 1991. 74. A. Simons. The theory of classi cation: 8, Classi cation and inheritance. Journal of Object Technology, 2(4):55 64, July Aug. 2003. 75. J. Smith, S. DeLoach, M. Kokar, and K. Baclawski. Category theoretic approaches of representing precise UML semantics. In Proceedings of the ECOOP Workshop on De ning Precise Semantics for UML, 2000. 76. J. Rumbaugh, M. Blaha, W. Lorensen, F. Eddy, and W. Premerlani. Object-Oriented Modeling and Design. Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ, 1994. 77. UML 2 Semantics Project. stl/internal/uml2/bibtex/ref_ uml2semantics.html, 2008. 78. L. Tratt Model transformations and tool integration. SoSyM, 8(2): 85 116, May 2005. 79. F. Wagner. Modeling Software with Finite State Machines: A Practical Approach. Auerbach Publications, Boca Raton, FL, 2006.
language variants, such as the Chinese variant cultural variants, in which some features may need to be removed before shipping the phone in that country Figure 12-4 shows a localization process in a product program.
You may want to move several controls so that they re all aligned (lined up). With multiple controls selected, the Layout ribbon s Control Alignment group has several options for aligning controls: Left, Right, Top, and Bottom. These commands work the same as the Control Alignment commands described in 7, with the exception of aligning controls to the grid, which is not available in Layout view.
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Ability to discern what prompts people to give of their best. Clarifying ensuring that goals and expectations are explicit and clearly understood.
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