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GETTING TO THE HEART OF ACCOUNTABILITY Accountability is something that every manager wants and expects from his or her employees but is often elusive to obtain. How are employees held accountable for the jobs they were hired to do, the results they promised to achieve, and the goals they agreed to reach And how do managers create an environment in which employee accountability is positive, even enjoyable, and certainly valuable For most organizations, for better or worse, this is accomplished via performance evaluations, that is, timely and accurate evaluations of an employee s successes and shortcomings.
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Every map that is applied to an object needs to have mapping coordinates that define how the map lines up with the object. For example, with the soup can label example mentioned earlier, you probably would want to align the top edge of the label with the top edge of the can, but you could position the top edge at the middle of the can. Mapping coordinates define where the map s upper-right corner is located on the object. All map coordinates are based on a UVW coordinate system that equates to the familiar XYZ coordinate system, except that it is named uniquely so as not to be confused with transformation coordinates. These coordinates are required for every object to which a map is applied. In most cases, you can generate these coordinates automatically when you create an object by selecting the Generate Mapping Coordinates option in the object s Parameter rollout.
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CrossReference You can find more information on each of these sampling methods in 23, Creating Simple Materials.
Download Master Data (Structure) to ABCPlus CO-CCA Download Selected Cost Center Hierarchy to Resource Module Download Activity Types to Resource Module Download Cost Centers, Hierarchy, and Activity Types to Activity Module Download Cost Elements Based on Selected Cost Element Group CO-ABC Download Business Process Hierarchy Download Company Codes as Attributes Download Profit Centers as Attributes Download Business Areas as Attributes CO-PA Download Characteristic Value Profitability Segments Download Selected CO-PA Characteristics and Hierarchy Download Selected Value Fields as Drivers CO-OPA Download Internal Orders General Download Secondary Cost Elements (category types 42 and 43 only) Download Statistical Key Figures as Shared Drivers
Per serving: Calories, 560; Protein, 31 g; Fat, 24 g (38% cal.); Cholesterol, 85 mg; Carbohydrates, 57 g; Fiber, 12 g; Sodium, 400 mg.
Egress Router 1 (Egress LSR for FEC1) ISP1
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