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is very similar to the so-called Sharpe ratio, which is defined as (see, for example, Sharpe and Alexander (1990), pp. 749 750) Si = (Ri Rf)/ i, where Si = Sharpe ratio for transaction i; Ri = Return of transaction i; Rf = Risk-free rate of return; i = Standard deviation of the rate of return of transaction i. Assuming that risk-adjusted net income equals Ri, subtracting Rf from the RAROC numerator and assuming that economic capital equals i, it is easy to show that given that (as we will see below) the capital benefit equals the risk-free rate some banks apply RAROC (without capital benefit) correctly in the sense that they want to maximize the Sharpe ratio in order to maximize value. Dowd (1998), pp. 143 153, discusses the problems and deficiencies of this view at length. 33As discussed in the previous chapter. 34The convexity of the tax system at the corporate level is hard to prove or believe. 35See Zaik et al. (1996), p. 91. 36For a discussion of economic value-added (EVA ) concepts in banks see Uyemura et al. (1996). 37Lehn and Makhija (1996) argue that EVA is probably not as well linked to the return to shareholders as is commonly claimed.
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Portions: 25 Portion size: 5 oz (150 g)
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Part VI: Access as an Enterprise Platform . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1181
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Another common vulnerability is that supplies of sealing materials are uncontrolled. Corporate seals are a nice example. In Britain, these typically consist of two metal embossing plates that are inserted into special pliers. There are several suppliers who manufacture the plates, and a lawyer who has ordered hundreds of them tells me that no check was ever made. Although it might be slightly risky to order a seal for Microsoft Corporation, it should be easy to have a seal made for almost any less-wellknown target just write a letter that looks like it came from a law firm. Or consider the plastic envelopes used by some courier companies, which are designed to stretch and tear when opened. This is a promising technology, but as long as the company s regular customers have supplies of envelopes lying around (and they can also be obtained at the depot) it may not deter an attacker from tampering with a package either before, or after, its trip through the courier s network. It has for some time been an urban myth that the police and security services cannot open envelopes tracelessly if the flaps have been reinforced with sticky tape that has been burnished down by rubbing it with a thumbnail (I recently received some paperwork from a bank that had been sealed in just this way). This is not entirely believable [814] even if no police lab has invented a magic solvent for sellotape glue, the nineteenth century Tsarist police already used forked sticks to wind up letters inside a sealed envelope so that they could be pulled out, read, and then put back [428].
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gatherer tribes, these researchers estimated the average protein-to-carbohydrate ratio of ancestral man to be approximately 2 grams of protein for every 4 grams of carbohydrate. A diet high in protein is anabolic. The rule of thumb for our daily protein requirements is 1/3 gram of protein per pound of body weight for ordinary daily activities, 1/2 gram of protein for moderate exercise training and 1 gram of protein for intensive tissue-building training. Insulin drives nutrients into cells either for immediate use or future storage. Glucagon mobilizes stored energy (primarily carbohydrates) to circulate in the bloodstream as a source of energy, especially for the brain, between meals. These two hormones must work in close cooperation. This is why they form a hormonal axis that controls blood sugar levels with such precision. To our hunter-gatherer ancestors, producing a strong insulin response to store incoming calories was a powerful survival mechanism. Today, that ancient survival mechanism has become a potent accelerator of aging because we are surrounded by excess calories from processed foods day and night. We can balance both our moods and our cravings by eating protein at the right time of day and in the proper proportions with carbohydrates. Reduce protein intake as the day goes on and increase bioenergetic complex carbohydrates. Use low-calorie, high-carbohydrate meals of five parts carbohydrate to one part protein when your mood is down or you re getting cravings and needing satisfaction. A small piece of tofu on a piece of whole grain bread, or 1 scoop of whey protein isolate powder in 8 oz (250 mL) of unsweetened rice milk or almond milk with 1/2 cup (125 mL) of blueberries, will give you some comfort and reduce your cravings within 45 minutes.
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Fig. 5.7 Guidance on levels of compression for mixed aetiology ulcers from the treatment pathway developed by the International Leg Ulcer Advisory Board (adapted from Stacey et al., 2002).
In short, all of our problems seem to boil down to this: It s hard to predict the future. If we can t predict the future earnings of a business, then it s hard to place a value on that business. If we can t value a business, then even if Mr. Market goes crazy sometimes and offers us unbelievable bargain prices, we won t recognize them. But rather than focusing on all the things that we don t know, let s go over a couple of the things that we do know. As we discussed, Jason s Gum Shops earned $1.20 per share last year. At a price of $12 per share, our earnings yield was therefore $1.20 divided by $12, or 10 percent easy enough. But what if Jason s Gum Shops earned $2.40 per share last year What if we could still buy a share for $12 What would the earnings yield be then Well, $2.40 divided by $12 equals 20 percent. Therefore, if Jason s Gum Shops had earned $2.40 per share last year, at a price of $12 per share, the earnings yield would be 20 percent. If Jason s Gum Shops had earned $3.60 per share last year, at a price of $12 per share, the earnings yield would be 30 percent! But it gets easier. Now follow closely because there are only two main points in this chapter and here comes the question that will determine whether you understand the first. All things being equal, if you could buy a share of Jason s Gum Shops for $12, which of those earnings results would you prefer Would you prefer that Jason s Gum
As stated, an IR department that is fully staffed with capital markets and PR experts is best, but this is usually a luxury of only the biggest public companies. What about the micro, small, and mid-caps Each company should field the best team possible. One way to bring
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You can split a lengthy song into smaller music clips using the same technique you use to split lengthy video clips into smaller clips: 1. Click on the clip s icon, and click the Play button in the preview. 2. When you get to a point where you want to split the clip, click the Pause button. Optionally, use the Previous Frame and Next Frame buttons in the monitor to zero in at exactly the time point at which you want to split the clip. 3. Click the Split Clip button in the monitor or choose Clip Split from the menu bar. The song will split into two clips. As usual, you can rename either clip to any name that s meaningful to you. Click either clip and click Play in the monitor to listen to the clip. If you split at the wrong place, press Ctrl+Z or choose Edit Undo Split. Or, if it s too late for that, select both clips and choose Clip Combine from the menu bar.
gressive portfolio, the existence of a lot of stocks in that portfolio already gave it over a 90 percent probability of survival. Adding the annuity increased the survival odds only a bit. The odds of survival for the conservative portfolio, however, were 32.6 percent with no annuity. They improved to 53.3 percent when 25 percent of the portfolio was moved into an annuity and to 81.3 percent when the portfolio was 50 percent in a fixed annuity. An annuity offers advantages bonds don t have. The payout on an annuity is fixed once regular distributions are begun. As we ve seen when discussing the all-bond portfolio in the previous chapter, bond yields can decline as interest rates decline, or the bond principal can decline as interest rates rise. A bond acts like an annuity only if interest rates are fairly stable for 30 years. More details about this study and about annuities are given in 13. Rather than ensuring survival of the worst-case scenario, a retiree or pre-retiree might choose to take a little more risk. One way to do that and still receive a high level of comfort is by using a Monte Carlo simulation as described in 3.
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