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The Parameters rollout includes a Flex value, which controls the amount of bending the object does; a Strength value, which controls the rigidity of the object; and a Sway value, which controls how long the flexing object moves back and forth before coming to a stop. An antenna on a car is an example of an object that has fairly high Flex and Sway values and a low Strength value. Chase Springs cause an object to return to its original position when the force is removed. A twig on a tree is an example of an object with Chase Springs. The Use Chase Springs option lets you disable these springs. A piece of cloth is an example of when you would want Chase Springs disabled. Selecting the Weights and Springs subobject lets you apply weights to certain selected springs. You can disable these weights using the Use Weights option. If you disable these weights, the entire object acts together. The Flex modifier offers three solution methods to compute the motions of objects. These are presented in a drop-down list. The Euler solution is the simplest method, but it typically requires five samples to complete an accurate solution. The Midpoint and Runge-Kutta4 solutions are more accurate and require fewer samples, but they require more computational time. Setting the Samples value higher produces a more accurate solution.
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Cinnamon Oil, Cumin Oil, Curry Oil, Ginger Oil, or Paprika Oil
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Access, Visual Basic, and the other VBA applications, such as Word and Excel, can handle errors for you. Unfortunately, the built-in error handling in most applications is not really intended for end users. Figure 23.2 shows a typical runtime error message produced by Access. Notice how unhelpful the message is it includes technical expressions, such as type mismatch and most users have no idea how to respond to this type of error message. Unless appropriate training has been provided, the user will likely guess at the correct action to take in response.
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The SQLCMD utility has numerous options.
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2. Create a dummy object from the Helpers category, and link the tire object to it as a child. This causes the tire to move along with the dummy object. Position the dummy object s pivot point at the bottom of the tire and the top of the hill. 3. Select the dummy object, choose Animation Constraints Surface Constraint, and select the hill object. 4. In the Surface Controller Parameters rollout, select the Align to V and Flip options to position the dummy and tire objects at the top of the hill. Set the V Position value to 50 to move the tire down the hill. 5. Click the Auto Key button (or press the N key), drag the Time Slider to frame 100, and change the U Position to 100. Click the Animate button again to deactivate it, and click the Play Animation button to see the tire move down the hill. Figure 33-2 shows the tire as it moves down the hill. In the Top view, you can see the function curves for this motion.
The Or operator performs a logical disjunction of two expressions. Or returns True if either condition is True. The general syntax of Or is
The mass marketer visualizes his task in terms of selling a single product to as many consumers as possible.This process includes advertising, sales promotion, publicity, and frequently a brand management system for organizing the efforts of the company s marketing department.The marketer s task has always been to make the product unique in a way that would appeal to the largest possible number of consumers, and then to publicize that uniqueness with one-way mass-media messages that are interesting, informative, and persuasive to the audience for the product. As a 1:1 marketer, however, you will not be trying to sell a single product to as many customers as possible. Instead, you ll be trying to sell a single customer as many products as possible over a long period of time, and across different product lines. To do this, you will need to concentrate on building unique relationships with individual customers, on a 1:1 basis.3
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