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All other Windows Mail problems/features
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Ingredients Plum tomatoes, cored and seeded Iceberg lettuce Provolone cheese Avocado, pitted and peeled Scallion, trimmed Green olives, chopped Corn kernels, cooked Red kidney beans, cooked or canned, drained Italian Dressing (p. 723) Lettuce leaves
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faced serious injury. As this book documents, children who swallowed the magnets from toys made by Mattel and at least one other company did suffer serious injury. There was at least one death of a child reported, not attributable to a Mattel product. And parents claimed that lead had caused health problems for their children. Lawsuits were led. As a result of the scandal, Mattel put on a major public relations campaign in an effort, often unsuccessful, to calm millions of irate parents. The U.S. Congress began holding hearings, and the media blared headlines that didn t make Mattel happy. I was told by sources close to the company that Mattel wouldn t cooperate with the author of a book, especially one that it couldn t control, a book that was unauthorized, and particularly at the height of a scandal. That is not to say that Mattel controls what magazines and newspapers write about it. It s just the opposite. However, this wasn t going to be a one-off article, but rather an entire book that would get into the dark nooks and corners that Mattel might not feel comfortable seeing revealed in print. In fact, the rst question one of Mattel s top corporate public relations people asked me during a brief telephone conversation was, Who s talking to you Who s giving you information He wanted to take names, and the thought that ran through my journalistic mind was, give him names, and they ll most likely be looking for new jobs. Some months later, that same public relations of cial sent me a friendly e-mail announcing that he had left Mattel and joined another corporation. Despite Mattel s internal reluctance, or outright refusal, to give me on-the-record access to key executives, I was able to interview dozens upon dozens of people who were with Mattel virtually from the beginning to the present. With candor, they spoke openly about the corporate culture, and the personalities that have driven Mattel over the years. Almost everyone spoke on the record and without setting ground rules. I respected the requests of the very few who wanted anonymity. You know who you are. With that said, I offer my heartfelt thanks to all of the following, who were candid and forthright, who opened doors for me, who took time out of their busy lives to help me tell the story of Mattel. I could not have done it without you:
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The Small Sauces
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If you open lots of separate Internet Explorer program windows, their taskbar buttons may combine into one button. You can click that one large taskbar button to see a menu of all open Web pages. Click any page in the menu to bring that Web page to the top of the stack.
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or more occurrences of $(n). Whenever the evaluated word is used, the string $(n) is expanded into an ASCII string whose digits are the number n. For example, in line 138, the state name 3-$(i) includes the states: 3-0, 3-1, 3-2, and 3-3. In Figs. 13.59 and 13.60 the results from the analysis are shown.
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Hosting Hosting External External Center 1 Center 2 ISP 2 ISP 1
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probability that a job is transferred to the jth node after service completion at the ith node (routing probability) simplified CTMCs transition probabilities for time-homogeneous to travel from state
Descriptor data
also speci es messages re ecting synchronous calls to operations (depicted by lled arrowheads). These messages are connect(), request(), callback(), and delegate(). A synchronous call to an operation typically results in a reply message, which is shown graphically by a dashed line. Reply message connect():ok, for instance, delivers a return value ok, indicating that a connection with the server has been established successfully. Messages start() and ready represent an asynchronous call to an operation and a signal, respectively. Message create(x) designates the creation of a new instance z, with the argument x informing z what its communication partner is. The at the bottom of the lifeline of z depicts a destruction event that represents the destruction of instance z. An execution speci cation (also known as activation bar or focus of control) is a notation that can appear on a lifeline to indicate the time during which an instance is active (i.e., executes a behavior or performs an action). In the case of a behavior, the execution speci cation is called a behavior execution speci cation, which is depicted by a thin rectangle that covers a part of a lifeline (e.g., instance x is active right from the start). In the case of an action, the execution speci cation is called an action execution speci cation, which is depicted by a wider, labeled rectangle, where the
policies and sanctions for dealing with any deviation from procedures and from standards of work and behaviour. Is it possible to grow and develop the organization without losing the spirit of the venture Can the original culture be preserved when the organization is enlarged and formalized Not exactly. A culture, by de nition, is something that grows, so it is not possible to freeze it in a given state. All of the rm s members are, in some way, involved in it culture cannot simply be manipulated to re ect what management thinks is best. Nevertheless, that is no reason to ignore it, for culture can deeply affect productivity and the impression that the rm creates on customers and other associates. While culture cannot be controlled, it is in uenced by the management attitudes and behaviour that people see. So it makes sense for management to understand something about its workings, to maintain such awareness as they can of the state of their rm s culture, and to work within it for positive outcomes.
Frittatas and Other Flat Omelets
The fiber structures of vegetables (including cellulose and pectins) give them shape and rmness. Cooking softens some of these components. The amount of ber varies 1. 2. 3. In different vegetables. Spinach and tomatoes have less than carrots and turnips, for example. In different examples of the same vegetables. Old, tough carrots have more ber than young, fresh carrots. In the same vegetable.The tender tips of asparagus and broccoli have less fiber than their tougher stalks. Fiber is made rmer by 1. Acids. Lemon juice,vinegar,and tomato products,when added to cooking vegetables,extend the cooking time. Sugars. Sugar strengthens cell structure.You will use this principle primarily in fruit cookery. For rm poached apples or pears, for example, cook in a heavy syrup. For applesauce, cook apples until soft before sweetening.
7.2.2 What Is Metamodeling Semantics Metamodeling semantics originates from a study by Clark et al. in 2000 of the de nition of UML as a family of languages [2]. I rst used the formalism in a technical report in 2001 [6], and in 2002 and 2003 the formalism was used to specify the OCL semantics. It was also used by Hausmann in his Ph.D. dissertation [7]. Engels et al. [8] coined the term metamodeling semantics. Metamodeling semantics is a way to describe semantics that is similar to the way in which popular languages like UML are de ned. In metamodeling semantics, not only the abstract syntax of the language, but also the semantic domain, is speci ed using a model. The abstract syntax is usually called the metamodel of the language, but because metamodeling semantics deals with a number of models that de ne the language, I use the terms abstract syntax model (ASM) and semantic domain model (SDM) (see Figure 7.2 for their position in the meaning triangle). Both ASM and SDM are metamodels in the sense that both state information about the mograms of the language. The ASM states whether a mogram has a statically valid structure; the SDM states the possible meanings of a mogram. Because both ASM and SDM are models, we have to be aware of the two levels at which the meaning triangle occurs (see Figure 7.3): the model level and the instance level. The ASM and SDM reside at the model level; the mogram and the part of the
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