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The general format of an IR instruction is similar to a triple (see 5). Most of the instructions can be represented in the form: out_operands = OPCODE in_operands where out_operands are operands (there can be one or more) that are updated as the result of the operation represented by its OPCODE. The asterisk (*) after the operation code means that the instruction can throw exceptions. Phoenix provides a mechanism for exception handling. In the above example, it is the CALL* instruction. In such cases, one of the in operands of the instruction contains a reference to the exception handler. In the example, this is the operand $L5(EH). The IR instruction labeled as $L5 is the UNWIND operation that performs stack unwinding if an exception is thrown. Also important is the use of temporary variables (like t275 and t276) during the evaluations of the expressions. In further lowering the IR, those temporary variables can be mapped to registers if possible. As the result of the lowering phase targeted to 86 architecture model, the c2 compiler back-end will generate the following LIR for this program: $L1: (refs=0) {-4}, {-7} = START _main(T) _main: (refs=1) _argc, _argv = ENTERFUNCTION [ESP], {ESP} = push EBP EBP = mov ESP ESP, EFLAGS = sub ESP, 12(0x0000000c) $L9: (refs=0) Offset: 6(0x0006) ENTERBODY _x[EBP] = mov 5 _y[EBP] = mov 3 tv279-(EAX) = lea &_y[EBP] _p[EBP] = mov tv279-(EAX) tv275-(EAX) = mov _p[EBP] tv276-(ECX) = mov _x[EBP] tv276-(ECX), EFLAGS = add tv276-(ECX), [tv275-(EAX)]* _x[EBP] = mov tv276-(ECX) [ESP], {ESP} = push _x[EBP] [ESP], {ESP} = push &$SG3674 {-9}, {EAX ECX EDX ESP EFLAGS MM0-MM7 XMM0-XMM7 FP0-FP7 FPUStatus} = call* &_printf, $out[ESP], $out[ESP]+32, {-9}, {EAX ECX EDX ESP EFLAGS MM0-MM7 XMM0-XMM7 FP0-FP7 FPUStatus}, $L5(EH)
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Clicking the View tab in the Folder and Search Options dialog box takes you to a whole bunch of options for controlling folder behavior (see Figure 28.30). Most of the options are self-explanatory. If you open a folder that shows icons for pictures and a Navigation pane, you ll be able to try out many on the fly. Just fill or clear a checkbox and click Apply to see how it affects that open folder. FIGURE 28.30
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Notice that Do...Loop has several options. The While clause causes the VBA statements within the Do...Loop to execute as long as the condition is True. Execution drops out of the Do... Loop as soon as the condition evaluates to False. The Until clause works in just the opposite way. The code within the Do...Loop executes only as long as the condition is False. Placing the While or Until clause at the top of the Do...Loop means that the loop never executes if the condition is not met. Placing the While or Until at the bottom of the loop means
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This statement is a standard math function that uses floating-point math. You can perform the same function by using integer math (the backward slash specifies integer division):
Data collected at baseline and at 2.5 years after intervention implementation
Typically, the customer responds, WHAAAT And I explain, Well, to protect your data center against a 747 crashing into it, you have to put your antiaircraft guns a fair distance away, so the plane has room to crash before it hits you. The customer will bluster back, That s crazy! I don t need to protect against that! At this point, I remind them that they started out saying they did have to protect against everything. When the customer accepts this, they begin to have wisdom about protection. Weighted risk is the product of the cost of an adverse event (e.g., the 747 crashing into the data center) times the probability of that event happening. If the crash would cost 1 million dollars, and the probability of it occurring is one in 100 million, the weighted risk the exposure is one cent. If the protective measures were no more costly than one cent, they would be justified. In this case, it is far wiser not to protect against the specific physical threat, but to be sure that business insurance covers such catastrophes. Each case is different. If the enterprise were a military command post during the Cold War, the threat of attack was much different. The North American Aerospace Defense Command operations center is buried in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. Even that site, however, was expected only to survive near misses with modern nuclear weapons. Far more probable than nuclear attack is simpleminded cable cutting by construction crews, led by the dreaded backhoe. I often shake my head sadly at enterprises that insist on having multiple long-distance WAN providers, providers that have highly fault-tolerant optical backbones, but have a single cable from their building to the local telephone office that connects them to their long-distance providers. See 7, Fault Tolerance, for discussions of multihoming for availability, both at the long-haul and local-loop levels. So, look at your communities of interest and define availability policies for them (see Table 2.11).
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