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Slower Economic Growth
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It s really not necessary to do this with importing and exporting cookies. Those files are created and deleted on-the-fly by Web sites you visit, and are rarely necessary for accessing a Web site. But if you really want to, you can choose to export and import cookies.
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Wherever surviving records are meager I have been obliged to ll in the gaps of the story with ction, but have usually had a historical equivalent in mind; so that if exactly this or that did not happen, something similar probably did.35
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A slavish devotion to product pro tability can be hazardous to a company s health. It makes more sense to treat some types of customers as transaction customers rather than customers with whom you seek to form a longterm relationship. Companies should not necessarily strive for 100 percent retention of customers. Incremental increases in customer retention levels do not necessarily translate into similar increases in pro ts. The relationship between customer retention and pro ts is curvilinear. Pro ts rise with customer retention to a point, but only to a point. Too many marketing decisions, such as how much of the marketing budget to invest in brand building and customer acquisition and how much to spend on customer retention, are still made based on a modicum of research and large doses of intuition. There are two competing approaches to customer equity. One emphasizes growing value equity, brand equity, and retention equity. The other emphasizes achieving an optimal balance between investments in customer acquisition, customer retention, and add-on selling. Quality, price, and convenience are the key drivers of value equity.
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Printing, Faxing, and Scanning
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Many of the behaviors described in this chapter apply equally to Access forms. Most Access forms display data from a single record at a time, and interacting with the data on such a form is much like working with data in a single row of a datasheet.
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Full API set in the third release
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costs or revenues. In general, the internal order has more functionality than the cost center, except for its cost assignment capabilities. Internal orders allocate the costs to any other cost object based on percentages, fixed dollar amounts, or equivalency numbers only. For example, the training cost center creates and gives a training course to the production workers on how to use internal orders. An internal order, T200, is used to capture the costs for the creation and execution of the course. The internal order allocates (settles) to the productionrelated cost centers based on the number of attendees entered as equivalency numbers. Exhibit 3.5 illustrates this example for the OPA module added to the CO conceptual design.
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The Immediate window contains a lot of valuable information. Code at break point
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Literature on managing the development of information systems is large, diffuse, and multidisciplinary. There are classics that everyone should read, such as Fred Brooks Mythical Man-Month [140] and Nancy Leveson s Safeware [498]. Standard textbooks on software engineering, such as those by Roger Pressman [622] and Hans van Vliet [767] cover the basics of project management and requirements engineering. The economics of the software lifecycle are discussed by Fred Brooks and Barry Boehm [123]. The Microsoft approach to managing software evolution is described by Steve McGuire [521]. There are useful parallels to other engineering disciplines. An interesting book by Henry Petroski discusses the history of bridge building, why bridges fall down, and how civil engineers learned to learn from the collapses: what tends to happen is that an established design paradigm is stretched and stretched until it suddenly fails for some unforeseen reason [612]. For a survey of risk management methods and tools, see Richard Baskerville [77] or Donn Parker [602]; there are some interesting case histories at IFCI [402]. Computer system failures are another necessary subject of study; the best source is the comp.risks newsgroup, of which a selection has been collated and published in print by Peter Neumann [590]. Organizational aspects are discussed at length in the business school literature, but this can be bewildering to the outsider. A critical guide to the literature is provided by John Micklethwait and Adrion Wooldridge, who draw out a number of highly relevant tensions, such as the illogicality of management gurus who tell managers to make their organizations more flexible by firing people, while at the same time preaching the virtues of trust [550]. Familiarity with this material is useful for predicting the protection consequences of your client s latest reorganizational fashion. Finally, the best books I know for material on the underlying economics are a popular synopsis by Carl Shapiro and Hal Varian [696], and a standard textbook by Hal Varian [770].
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personality and approach. When it s clear that you re comfortable with your interview style, clients are, too.
Some sellers complain that clients view their services as a commodity, leading them to ask for lower and lower prices. If clients say or imply that they can t differentiate your services from those of others, what they re really saying is that they can t differentiate your ideas. And that shifts the competitive battle to something they can differentiate: price. You can escape the commodity trap with the power of your ideas. That is, after all, what you are selling. Find the insights and innovative approach that set you apart from others. Clients want your ideas, especially ones they re not hearing from every other services seller. Communicate your best ideas to clients and avoid the commodity trap.
Compile Database Name is the only way to fully compile your application.
7. Imperial Powers: Rome and America
Mashed Rutabagas or Yellow Turnips
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