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Hardware and Performance Tuning
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Personalizing Windows Vista
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Fact, Fiction, and the Feeling of History
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5: Using Operators and Expressions in Access
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3.3.4 The Growing Famine for Security Data
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Code for filtering and clearing a filter behind a form
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Information Flows Various Allocation Methods See Exhibit 9.3 for a complete summary of the allocation methods.
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1. When presenting this tool, always use the paper-folding exercise. It gets a person involved in learning, not just listening passively. It also arouses their curiosity and helps them own the principle. I have had clients actually tape this piece of paper to the wall so they could keep it on the top of their mind throughout the week. Help your clients think through the currency of how each of their people like to be praised. That is, what is the best combination of written, spoken, public, private, expected, unexpected, professional, and personal for each team member 2. For the rst few weeks of using the Weekly Af rmation Register, have your clients fax you their sheet at the end of the week for four to six weeks. Talk through each encounter. Re ect on what was done, how it went, how it was received, and any improvements that could be made. This is a new skill; take the time to let your client learn it. 3. Inevitably there will be someone on the Weekly Af rmation Register that will be the most dif cult to praise and the easiest person to avoid. Talk through the relationship speci cally and 74
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The Rotate Gizmo
It never hurts to gather all the information you can about your current graphics device. You can use XP s System Information applet to get that information. Click the Start button and choose All Programs Accessories System Tools System Information. Click the + sign next to Components, and then click on Display. The brand name and model of the device is listed first next to Name. Figure 10-11 shows an example where the computer has a Matrox Millennium G400 DualHead card installed. (I happen to know it s an AGP card because I installed it myself.) Finally, you should know how to get to, and use, the BIOS setup for your computer. There s a good chance that you ll have to make some changes there if you use both AGP and PCI graphics cards. And there s not much I can tell you about your BIOS, because it varies a lot from one computer to the next. Typically, you get to the BIOS setting by pressing F2 or Delete shortly after turning on the computer, but before Windows starts loading. It can be a narrow window of opportunity on computers that boot up rapidly. Once you re in the BIOS setup, you ll need to use your keyboard to get around.
32, Using Animation Modifiers, included an example of a snowman that melted using the Melt modifier. The problem with this example was that the Melt modifier was applied to the entire snowman model, including the solid objects such as the eyes of coal and the carrot nose. If the Melt modifier weren t applied to these items, they would stay floating in the air while the rest of the snowman melted about them. This problem can be fixed with the Attachment constraint, which causes the eyes to remain attached to the snowball as it melts. To constrain the solid objects to a melting snowman, follow these steps: 1. Open the Melting snowman.max file from the Chap 33 directory on the DVD. This file includes the melting snowman file from the previous chapter with the Melt modifier applied to all objects. 2. Select the left eye object in the scene. In the Modifier Stack, select the Melt modifier and click the Remove Modifier button to throw that modifier away. 3. With the left eye still selected, select Animation Constraints Attachment Constraint. A connecting line appears in the active viewport. Click the top snowball to select it as the attachment object. This moves the eye object to the top of the snowball where the snowball s first face is located. 4. In the Attachment Parameters rollout, change the Face value until the eye is positioned where it should be. This should be around face 315. Then change the A and B values (or drag in the Position graph) to position the eye where it looks good. 5. Repeat Step 5 for the right eye and for any other objects in the scene that you want to attach. 6. Click the Play button (/), and notice that the snow melts, but the eye objects stay the same size. Figure 33-1 shows the resulting melted snowman.
Adding a received invitation to your Calendar
By default, Access gives the user (Mike, in this case) three choices:
Select the desired quantity of one of the above fresh herbs. Drop into boiling water. Blanch for 10 seconds. Drain and refresh under cold water. Drain again and pat dry with towels. Put the herbs in a blender and add a small amount of olive oil. Blend to make a paste. Measure the volume of the paste and add 4 times that volume of olive oil. Shake and let stand. Refrigerate and strain as in the basic recipe.
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