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If you unintentionally keep opening files when you only intended to select their icons, consider using the double-click method to open icons.
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Ease of Access, Speech, and Language
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Ingredients Butter Shrimp, small, peeled, and deveined Onion, chopped Green bell pepper, chopped Celery, chopped Scallion, sliced thin Garlic cloves, chopped Flour Water or sh stock Dried thyme Paprika Cayenne Black pepper Worcestershire sauce Chopped parsley Salt Salt Paprika Cayenne Dried thyme Black pepper White pepper Cat sh llets Clari ed butter
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Creating an interactive filter dialog box
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Earlier in this book, you learned datasheet techniques to add, change, and delete data within a table. These techniques are the same ones you use on an Access form. Table 8.2 summarizes these techniques.
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Expression In (value1, value2, value3, ...)
Choose Build Event from the shortcut menu (see Figure 10.13). Choose Code Builder in the Choose Builder dialog box when you click the builder button to the right of an event in the Property dialog box.
Drag icons from one folder to the other.
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