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you must master in particular, architecture and serviceoriented architecture. Why Because the future of your enterprise depends on how well you put them to use. SOA is not merely about how computers are structured, it is about how businesses and organizations are structured. It is going to affect everything you buy and everything you sell. When used by geeks, the term architecture means the general style in which the parts hang together. That is a pretty vague de nition, for sure, but it is still useful. Let me give some examples. In the earliest days of computers, the architecture was mainframe/datacenter large computers sat in special rooms where they were operated by technicians. Only these technicians interacted with the computers, each of which was an island unto itself. As time went on, computers came out of the data centers and into people s of ces, and now, even into their pockets. At rst, these computers were connected to each other in discrete clumps called local area networks, and an architecture called client/server emerged. In that scheme, one powerful central computer (the server) would run a program, and many less powerful computers used by individuals (clients) would access it over the local network. Individual computers could also run shrinkwrap software, that is, programs intended to be used on one machine only.
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6 Creating and Editing Primitive Objects
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Dynamic Arrays
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Use Windows Media Player to copy songs from CDs ( 23). To copy music from vinyl LPs or cassette tapes, consider using the Analog Recorder from Microsoft Plus or SuperPack ( To narrate a movie, use Windows Movie Maker ( 25). To dictate text, use Speech Recognition ( 12).
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// Creates an array of 10 integers
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SECU RITY Access proxy
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Step 1: The overall design from concept to reality
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Single Virtual Data Center
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