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Activating the instance of Word Moving the cursor in Word Closing the instance of the Word object without closing Word
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In Differentiate or Die, Trout identi es eight ideas for differentiating, or if you prefer positioning, a brand that will work today. He says you can do one or more of the following: Be the rst. Own an attribute. Be number one. Have a heritage. Be a specialist. Be preferred. Own a unique capability. Be the latest.
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to be entertaining but to shock. By combining the two sensations Chesney had accidentally invented the thriller. Literary critics view H. G. Wells s War of the Worlds to be an extrapolation of the invasion novel genre initiated by The Battle of Dorking. Thomas Malthus, An Essay on the Principle of Population (1798). Paul Ehrlich, The Population Bomb (Cutchogue, NY: Buccaneer Books, 1997). Donella H. Meadows, Jorgen Randers, Dennis L. Meadows, and William W. Behrens, The Limits to Growth: A Report for the Club of Rome s Project on the Predicament of Mankind (New York: Universe Books, 1972). It is not my attempt here to in any way minimize the very signi cant crisis associated with global poverty and hunger. My concern is that forecasts in this area have historically been off the mark. My colleagues at the World Bank are ghting an uphill battle a battle that must be won. In the words of World Bank president Robert Zoellick, While many are worrying about lling their gas tanks, many others around the world are struggling to ll their stomachs, and it is getting more and more dif cult every day. J. Walter Thompson ad agency, The End of Cheap, Work in Progress (September 2008). David D. Friedman, Future Imperfect: Technology and Freedom in an Uncertain World (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2008), 317. Carolyn Duffy Marsan, Top 10 Technology Skills, Network World, March 20, 2009.
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Box A1.5 AR2 forecast balance sheets 2003 2005 ( m) 2003 Fixed assets Current assets Debtors Cash Current liabilities Trade creditors Taxation Dividends Overdraft Net Current Assets Net assets Financed by: Share capital From P&L Reserves (b/f) Shareholders funds 0.035 0.300 0.227 0.527 0.125 0.030 0.020 0 0.175 0.352 0.387 0.001 0.070 0.316 0.387 2004 0.080 0.500 0.437 0.937 0.175 0.110 0.050 0 0.335 0.602 0.682 0.001 0.295 0.386 0.682 2005 0.150 0.700 0.607 1.307 0.075 0.175 0.100 0 0.350 0.957 1.107 0.001 0.425 0.681 1.107
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Hot German Potato Salad
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1. Bavarian. Base: custard sauce Gelatin Whipped cream Chiffon. Base: Starch-thickened (fruit lling type) Egg-thickened (custard type) Egg- and starch-thickened (pastry cream type) Gelatin Egg whites (Optional whipped cream) 3. Mousse. Base: many varieties Little or no gelatin Egg whites and/or whipped cream Souf . Base: many varieties, usually containing egg yolk Egg whites Baked
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= 7r(2,1) = 0.2667,
For example, for the Pascal type ar: type compl = record re, im: integer end; ar = array [1..10] of compl; representing an array of records, each of them representing a complex number, for 32-bit target machine architectures, the attributes considered above will have the following values: size(ar) = 10 * size (compl) = 10 * 8 = 80 (bytes) align(ar) = align(compl) = align(integer) = 4 (bytes) sort(ar) = ARRAY hasPointers(ar) = false More details and formulas for evaluating the sizes and alignments of aggregate types are provided in 6, since they are closely related to code generation for accessing typed variables. Semantic attributes of variable (V). For the construct of variable de nition (let s denote it V), the following semantic attributes should be evaluated. type(V) the type of the variable (a pointer to the element of the table of all types that represents the type of V). This is a synthesized attribute, since it depends only on the structure of the de nition, rather than on its context. size(V) the size of the value of V, when allocated on the stack or on the heap. That size is determined by the size of the type(V), so it is also a synthesized attribute. align(V) the alignment of the value of the variable on a stack frame or on the heap. It depends on the alignment of type(V) and is also a synthesized attribute. offset(V) the offset, or relative address, of the variable V on the stack frame. Since it depends on the context of the variable de nition and on the position of V s de nition in the sequence of the other de nitions, it is an inherited attribute. memoryClass(V) the memory allocation class of the variable V usually speci ed in its de nition, that is, speci cation of the memory area where the value of the variable will be allocated at runtime. The typical kinds of memory classes of variables in programming languages are the following:
Example 4.18 Verilog Example Showing a Three-Bit and Four-Bit Bus Concatenation module concatenate (inputA, inputB, inputC, inputD, outputA, outputB); input inputA, inputB, inputC, inputD; output [2:0] outputA; output [3:0] outputB; three-bit bus concatenation wire [2:0] outputA; wire [3:0] outputB; assign outputA = {inputA, inputB, inputC}; assign outputB = {inputA, inputB, inputC, inputD}; endmodule
separated by three time zones, she responded to my e-mails within minutes every time. This book is much, much better for her hard work and diligence. To Carole McClendon, the very best literary agent in the business, and all the folks at Waterside Productions for being my agent. Thanks also to Rob Tidrow. Years ago, Rob and I worked together at New Riders Publishing in Indianapolis, and it was he who recommended me as the lead author of the Access Bible. Thanks, Rob! A special thank-you to Clint Covington, Kerry Westphal, Steve Greenberg, Greg Lindhorst, Ryan McMinn, Suraj Poozhiyill, Russell Sinclair, Wouter Steenbergen, Chris Downs, Eran Megiddo, and the rest of the Microsoft Access 2010 team! You ve built a terrific product, and I thank you! Thank you for your irreplaceable help getting this book done on time. As an Access developer, I strongly suggest you visit the Access Team Blog (http://blogs. every few days. The Access development team frequently updates this site with white papers, articles, and news on what s happening with Microsoft Access. All too often, we think of Microsoft as a huge, faceless corporation that doesn t listen to user feedback, but I promise you that the Access team really, really wants to hear from you. The Access Team Blog is not a marketing Web site; instead, it is a gathering place for Access enthusiasts and supports a strong peerto-peer exchange between Access developers in the field (that s you!) and the people who actually write the specifications and code for each new version of Microsoft Access. I ve met the Access team members on many occasions, and I m always impressed with their dedication and desire to learn more about how people use Microsoft Access. Thanks to these wonderful people, I m able to deliver a quality book to my readers. Finally, I dedicate this book to Pam. You are the one. Vos es panton volo. Mike Groh
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