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Part VII Working with Characters
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The success of such attacks is uncertain, and they are likely to remain beyond the resources of the average villain for some time. When I shipped the first draft of this book in September 2000, I wrote at this point: So by far the most likely attacks on 4758 based systems involve the exploitation of logical rather than physical flaws. By the time I edited this paragraph at the proof stage, this had come true in spades. Most users of the 4758 use an application called CCA which is described in [388] and contains many features that make it difficult to use properly. Having been suspicious of the complexity of this instruction set, I passed the manual to a new research student, Mike Bond, and asked him if he could find any vulnerabilities. By the middle of November, he had found a number of problems, including a protocol-level attack that enables a capable opponent to extract all the interesting keys from the device. We ll discuss this attack below. Finally, it should be mentioned that the main constraints on the design and manufacture of security processors are remarkably similar to those encountered with more general alarms. There is a trade-off between the false alarm rate and the missed alarm rate, and thus between security and robustness. Security processors often need to be handled with care; if they self-destruct at temperatures of -20 they cannot be disC, 283
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Figure 7.22 Beef chuck in a raw marinade of red wine, wine vinegar, spices, and aromatic vegetables.
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Part III: More-Advanced Access Techniques
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Queueing discipline: The following disciplines are allowed at network nodes: FCFS, PS, LCFS-PR, IS (infinite server). Distribution of the service times: The service times of an FCFS node must be exponentially distributed and class-independent (i.e. pi1 = pi2 = . . . = ,&R = pi), while PS, LCFS-PR and IS nodes can have any kind of service time distribution with a rational Laplace transform. For the latter three queueing disciplines, the mean service time for different job classes can be different. Load-dependent service rates: The service rate of an FCFS node is only allowed to depend on the number of jobs at this node, whereas in a PS, LCFS-PR and IS node the service rate for a particular job class can also depend on the number of jobs of that class at the node but not on the number of jobs in another class. Arrival processes: In open networks two kinds of arrival processes can be distinguished from each other. Case 1: The arrival process is Poisson where all jobs arrive at the network from one source with an overall arrival rate X, where X can depend
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Access Control
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When you print or print-preview controls that can have variable text lengths, Access provides options for enabling a control to grow or shrink vertically, depending on the exact contents of a record. The Can Grow and Can Shrink properties determine whether a text control resizes its vertical dimension to accommodate the amount of text contained in its bound field. Although these properties are usable for any text control, they re especially helpful for text-box controls. Table 9.1 explains the acceptable values for these two properties.
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The average intraday price swings must be suf cient to trade (as evidenced by chart analysis). You have to make sure that you spend enough time studying the intraday chart patterns. You need data feeds that access historical data, for example, the view of a ve-minute chart dating back at least three days. With regard to a stock in question, your goal is to determine whether the intraday price swings are consistently uctuating. You want the price to be bouncing off the intraday support levels and resistance levels. You want your stock to have lots of intraday price movement. A bad stock will exhibit an intraday pattern of barely discernible activity. A bad chart pattern will exhibit sideways price action all day. You don t want to get yourself too bogged down by this single criterion, however, so keep it all simple and short: just stay away from stocks that show intraday patterns that resemble a heart patient at-lining. Always keep in mind that you can t make any money if the stock doesn t bounce intraday. The stock price in Figure 14.1 stays within a tight three-dollar range over a three-day period. The price is constantly uctuating, and bouncing off support and resistance levels.
P r o c e d u r e
21: Building Multiuser Applications . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 751
SharePoint requires that you replace formal relationships with lookups.
Mean response times T at a station
Specular highlights are the bright points on the surface where the light is reflected at a maximum value. The Specular Level value determines how bright the highlight is. Its values can range from 0, where there is no highlight, to 100, where the highlight is at a maximum. The graph to the right of the values displays the intensity per distance for a cross section of the highlight. The Specular Level defines the height of the curve or the value at the center of the highlight where it is the brightest. This value can be overloaded to accept numbers greater than 100. Overloaded values create a larger, wider highlight. The Glossiness value determines the size of the highlight. A value of 100 produces a pinpoint highlight, and a value of 0 increases the highlight to the edges of the graph. The Soften value doesn t affect the graph, but it spreads the highlight across the area defined by the Glossiness value. It can range from 0 (wider) to 1 (thinner). Figure 23-5 shows a sampling of materials with specular highlights. The left image has a Specular Level of 20 and a Glossiness of 10, the second image has the Specular Level increased to 80, the third image has the Specular Level overloaded with a value of 150, and the last two images have the Glossiness value increased to 50 and 80, respectively.
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