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Every document type has a default program associated with it. The default program is the one that opens when you open a document by double-clicking (or clicking) its icon. Windows knows which program to use as the default because that bit of information is stored in the registry as well. If you want to change the default program for a particular document type, you don t need to go into the registry and mess with hexadecimal numbers. Instead, you can just choose the Choose Program option from the bottom of the Open With menu to get to the Open With dialog box. Or, you can open the Folder Options dialog box and click the File Types tab. There, you can scroll through document types and make changes as you see fit without going through the registry.
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You can access each color zone from a list. To change a zone s color, select it and click the color swatch. You can set colors to Blend to the Color Above or to be Solid to Top of Zone.
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Per serving: Calories, 290; Protein, 18 g; Fat, 14 g (44% cal.); Cholesterol, 80 mg; Carbohydrates, 22 g; Fiber, 2 g; Sodium, 580 mg.
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CrossReference Boolean operations can also be performed using the Boolean compound object. See 18, Building Compound Objects, for details on this object type.
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module example (inputA, inputB, inputC, outputA); input [3:0] inputA, inputB, inputC; output [3:0] outputA; wire [3:0] temp; assign temp = inputB | inputC; assign outputA = inputA & temp; endmodule Example 3.3 shows a common method of using reg whereas Example 3.4 is similar to Example 3.3 except that it is an 8-bit bus declaration.
Single-field versus composite primary keys
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