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SALES Prepare price, arrange customer visit
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A more recent development along the same lines made its appearance in October 1999. This is the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. Rather than just exploiting a common misconfiguration as in smurfing, an attacker subverts a large number of machines over a period of time, and installs custom attack software in them. At a predetermined time, or on a given signal, these machines all start to bombard the target site with messages [253]. The subversion may be automated using methods similar to those in the Morris worm. So far, DDoS attacks have been launched at a number of high-profile Web sites, including Amazon and Yahoo. They could be even more disruptive, as they could target services such as DNS and thus take down the entire Internet. Such an attack might be expected in the event of information warfare; it might also be an act of vandalism by an individual. Curiously, the machines most commonly used as hosts for attack software in early 2000 were U.S. medical sites. They were particularly vulnerable because the FDA insisted that medical Unix machines, when certified for certain purposes, had a known configuration. Once bugs had been discovered in this, there was a guaranteed supply of automatically hackable machines to host the attack software (another example of the dangers of software monoculture). At the time of writing, the initiative being taken against DDoS attacks is to add ICMP traceback messages to the infrastructure. The idea is that whenever a router for372
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18: Advanced Access Query Techniques
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In the application domain, the examples are drawn from work practice or artefacts created, and help to underline the importance of the application domain patterns they exemplify to the remaining design team.
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that network. Or, in the case of the Internet, the device would instantly be visible to the company that created the device. The long-range goal of UPnP centers around the use of home automation devices. For example, you would buy a new refrigerator and connect it to the Internet. (Sounds weird, I know). When there s a problem with the refrigerator, the manufacturer gets a signal, or you call them on the phone and tell them about the problem. They can then analyze the refrigerator from their location, and perhaps fix it if it s the sort of problem that can be fixed electronically. Other examples would be UPnP-enabled Web cams placed around the house for security or baby monitoring. You could connect a UPnP answering machine, PC, disk drive, VCR, or just about any other gadget to the Internet. You can then access all those devices from anywhere in the world where you can get Internet access. For example, Mom could take a look around the house through the Web cams. You could check your phone messages, copy files to or from your PC or UPnP drive, or program the VCR to record a TV show.
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34 Pies and Pastries
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To interact with a newsgroup, you need to subscribe to it. This is nothing like a magazine subscription. It won t cost you anything, you won t be bombarded with renewal notices, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Subscribing to a newsgroup just places a quick link to the newsgroup beneath the news server name in the left column of Outlook Express, and also downloads messages from the newsgroup to your computer so that you can start interacting.
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90 Your Financial Action Plan
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Figure 9-3: Two dozen doughnut instances ready for glaze
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