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5. Select the Products worksheet for this demonstration. 6. The Link Spreadsheet Wizard walks you through a number of different screens where you specify details such as First Row Contains Column Headings and the data type you want to apply to each column in the Excel worksheet.
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Remember, don t remove or disable an autostart program just because you don t know what it is. Click the item s name and look at the SpyNet Voting entry in the main pane first. If it s marked Not Yet Classified, better to leave it alone. It might be something that s critical to proper functioning of your system!
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Figure 38-38: Songs to copy to portable player in the left column When you re ready to start copying songs to your device, just click the Start Sync button in the Sync toolbar. It may take a few minutes to copy all the songs. Even longer with a large portable media player that can handle video and music.
10. If necessary, thin the remaining sour cream dressing with a little water until it is the consistency of heavy cream. 11. Toss the greens with the dressing. Plate in the center of large salad plates. 12. Around the outside edge of each plate, arrange 1 tomato wedge and about 1 oz (30 g) each of the carrot, cucumber, and celery salads.
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Figure 8-11: The Services snap-in, in the Extended View To see all the columns in the MMC, you can click on the Standard tab, as shown in Figure 8-12. To show or hide columns, choose View Add/Remove Columns from the menu bar. You can size columns using the standard methods of dragging the bar to the right of a column heading left or right. Move columns by dragging the entire column heading left or right. Pointing to any text in the Description column displays the full description in the ToolTip at the mouse pointer. If you scroll through the list of Services, you ll probably see there are quite a few. Exactly which services are listed will vary from one computer to the next. Few, if any, of the services will have any meaning to the average computer user. These things are really only of use to professional programmers, network administrators, or other experienced professionals. What follows is really for those folks. I won t bother to summarize what each service does, because doing so would eat up several pages and only repeat the information that s already in the Description column.
4: Selecting Data with Queries
Writing simple procedures to verify a form or control s event sequence is quite easy. Use the preceding information to determine which event should be harnessed in your application. Very often unexpected behavior can be traced to an event procedure attached to an event that occurs too late or too early! to capture the information that is needed by the application. The 12.accdb example database includes a form named frmEventLogger that prints every event for a command button, a text box, and a toggle button in the Debug window. This form is provided to demonstrate just how many Access events are triggered by minor actions. For example, clicking the command button one time, and then tabbing to the text box and pressing one key on the keyboard fires the following events:
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