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by that time, the retailer represented only 10 percent of sales. What the market somehow missed was the increasing diversity in all aspects of Zippa! s business. An absolute must in buying and owning stocks for the long run is to balance one s portfolio with a diverse basket of assets. Portfolio managers do this every day to generate consistent returns and balance risk. The first step with Zippa! was an IR audit that focused on the numbers, as they never lie. The business actually was very well diversified, which minimized risk in four different areas of the company. Brands: Zippa! had over a dozen brands, yet only two were well-known and highlighted by the company. Putting numbers behind these brands, IR noted that seven years ago, the two popular brands made up 95 percent of sales, as compared to the current contribution of 65 percent. Product categories: Zippa! came on the scene selling a certain kind of apparel that was very popular for teenagers and, at that time, made up 100 percent of its business. This clothing had experienced a decline in appeal, and The Street was generally a seller of any and all companies associated with this product. But the fact was that as the company matured, this product represented only 5 percent of revenues, which made the company much less vulnerable to the decline in the product s popularity. Not only that, but Zippa! makes hundreds of products, all of which contributed significantly to the revenue stream. Distribution channel: Zippa! s product flowed evenly between specialty retailers, independent retailers, and department stores. It was not, contrary to Street opinion, dependent on specialty retail and one particular chain. Putting numbers to these channels showed that there were enough pieces to the pie and that a decline in any one was not enough to materially hurt the business. Geography: The marketplace with which Zippa! had insinuated itself was more expansive than The Street was aware. Since its genesis the business had expanded globally, and half of its revenues came from outside the United States. In other words, the domestic problems in the industry were affecting other companies much more than they were affecting Zippa!. Therefore, out of the audit process came the fact that Zippa deserved to be in a bigger-cap, global comp group. What also came out was that the valuation gap between Zippa! and these new peers was the result of a lack of Wall Street understanding with regard to the company s diversification.
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For a number of reasons, this book doesn t extensively cover Access macro creation. To begin with, there are enough important topics that I had to choose which topics to cover in detail. Plus, macros are pretty easy to learn on your own and they re well documented in the Access online help. There are, however, two areas where macros can t be beat: data macros in tables and embedded macros on forms and controls. The ability to embed macros in tables and forms make macros much more attractive than in versions prior to Access 2007. But, by far, the biggest reason I don t document macros is that macros are guaranteed to be nonportable to other applications. You can t use an Access macro anywhere other than in Access. VBA code, on the other hand, is very portable to Word, Excel, Outlook, Visio, and even Visual Studio .NET (with changes). It s impossible to tell where an Access application might end up. Very often, Access apps are upsized and upgraded to SQL Server and Visual Studio .NET. The VBA code in your Access applications is readily converted to Visual Basic .NET, and many Access procedures can be used (perhaps with a few changes) in Word or Excel. VBA is a very portable, useful language, and VBA skills are applicable in many situations other than building Access applications. I don t mean to imply that macros have no place in Access applications, or that macros are necessarily inferior to VBA code. Microsoft has issues related to previous versions of Access macros. In particular, macros in Access 2007 and 2010 include variables and simple error handling (mostly jumping to a named location when an error occurs). These updates to the Access macro engine are significant, but, in the opinion of many Access developers, they aren t enough to justify using macros instead of VBA in professional applications.
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days or a few weeks however long it takes for it to seem easy. When it does, kick it up another 10 percent. Your body's "pleasure principle" will let you know if you're overdoing it. Keep a log At the end of each day, jot down how many steps you took and how far you walked. Better yet, write down how many steps it took to reach specific destinations say, 1,200 steps to the convenience store . . . 1,000 steps to walk around the park .. . and so on. You don't have to keep a log indefinitely, but it's a good way to get a sense of which activities add significant numbers of steps to your day.
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As we see, the correction factor for the HOL case differs from the PRS case only in the summation index. We then get to the following equations:
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The solution algorithms discussed in earlier sections are herein compared by the means of the model introduced in Fig. 2.7 (Section 2.2.2). Patterns of convergence and numerical accuracy are compared. According to Eq. (2.58), the following system of steady-state equations results: 0 = -2yn2 + 67r1, 0 = -prRC + 2c77@, 0 = -OTRB + 2(1- C)y;lrz, 0 = -(Y+S)q
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module memory (addr, data_in, data_out, write, read, clock, reset); // 1kbyte memory module - 128 address x 8 bits input [6:0] addr; input [7:0] data_in; input write, read, clock, reset; output [7:0] data_out; reg [7:0] data_out; reg [7:0] memory [127:0]; integer i; // asynchronous reset always @ (posedge clock or posedge reset) begin if (reset) begin
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49 Managing Application Programs and Processes
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For the true audiophile who wants to keep track of detailed information about every song, there s the Advanced Tag Editor. To use it, right-click the title of the song you want to change and choose Advanced Tag Editor. There are so many tags you can fill or change, they re divided into tabs, as you can see in Figure 23.23. FIGURE 23.23
Part IX: Installing, Using, and Troubleshooting Hardware
David Friedman, economist, legal scholar and professor at Santa Clara University walks us through how some basic analytics can help retailers decide where to locate a new store. If you discover that old people on average do not buy very much of what you are selling, perhaps a retirement community is the wrong place. If couples with young children do all their shopping on the weekend when one parent can stay home with the kids, singles shop after work on weekdays [weekends are for parties], and retired people during the working day [shorter lines], then a location with a suitable mix of all three types will give you a more even ow of customers, higher utilization of the store, and greater pro ts. Combining information about your customers with information about the demography of alternative locations, provided free by the U.S. census or at a higher price by private rms, you can substantially improve the odds on your gamble.13 Immediately after World War II, retailers applied the logistics expertise developed during the war (delivering men and materiel to all points of the compass) to the targeted task of store operations. The things of retailing were industrialized. The customers, subjected to long years of rationing, coupon books, and doing without, were, as Stephen Baker cleverly phrased it, processed like card-carrying herd animals. 14 Fast-forward 50 years, and you nd the game has changed. It is no longer enough simply to keep the shelves stocked. You have to stock the shelves with things customers want to buy. Doing this requires mastering data mining. To talk about marketing without talking about the Coca-Cola Company is probably malfeasant. My business professor colleagues concur that this global organization is a rich source of management lessons. I don t think it is possible to get a business degree from any school on any continent today without being exposed typically on multiple occasions to one of the world s most interesting companies. Established in 1886, the company owns four of the world s top ve nonalcoholic sparkling beverage brands, employs over 90,000 associates worldwide (900,000 system employees), has operational reach in over 200 countries, generates approximately 1.5 billion consumer servings
If we haven t taken care of ourselves earlier, we really start to see the results at this point. The fastest-growing age of those signing up for health club memberships is 55. Generally, our senses of smell and taste decrease, as well as our vision and hearing. We may also begin to wake up more often to go to the bathroom. Chances are our family is independent and we are planning to slow down our work responsibilities. This is a dynamic and exciting time to use your knowledge, age, maturity and insight to really work on yourself, and become a wonderful human being. Make this your goal! For men, one of the most common causes of frequent night-time urination is benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or enlargement of the prostate. More than 55 percent of men at age 60 experience symptoms. Testosterone is oxidizing into dehydrotestosterone, which slows down your ergogenic drive. The body wants to
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