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There are many thousands of hardware devices that you can use with Windows, and no one rule that applies to troubleshooting all of them. So you ll likely have to consider all of your resources. Be sure to check the manual that came with the hardware device first. If that doesn t work, the device manufacturer s Web site will likely be your next best bet. When you need to ask a question, consider the devices newsgroup in Microsoft Communities. And, as mentioned at the start of this chapter, search Vista s built-in Help and Support for the word troubleshoot followed by the type of device that s giving you the problem.
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Figure 15-5: Using drag-and-drop to copy files from a CD In the CD s folder, select the icons of the files you want to copy. If you want to copy them all, just press Ctrl+A or choose Edit Select All from the menu bar in the CD s folder. Then, just drag any selected icon to the destination folder and wait while the files are copied. (CDs are rather slow compared to other types of disks, so don t expect the job to be too speedy.) After all the files have copied, remove the CD from the drive. Store the CD away for safekeeping as a backup. Open the folder to which you copied the files, and you should be able to open and edit them normally. If the copied files are all read-only, select all their icons, choose Properties, clear the Read-only checkbox, and click OK. (Remember, you can t clear the Readonly checkbox for files on the CD, but you certainly can clear that checkbox on the files you copied from the CD.)
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21: Building Multiuser Applications
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Stone, Douglas, Bruce Patton, and Sheila Heen. Dif cult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most. New York: Penguin Group, 1999. Weissman, Jerry. Presenting to Win: The Art of Telling Your Story. Updated edition. Upper Saddle River: Financial Times Prentice Hall, 2008.
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Checking to see if an Access database is compiled
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Part II
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Shockwave 3D is an interactive format used by Macromedia s Director software. The exporter includes an Analysis tool and a Preview window. To export a Max scene to the Shockwave 3D format, select File Export or File Export Selected and select the Shockwave 3D format as the File Type in the file dialog box. After you give the file a name and click OK, the Shockwave 3D Scene Export Options dialog box opens. This dialog box contains several options that you can include in the export file, such as Geometry, Animations, Material, Texture maps, Shaders, and Lights. You can also select a camera to use or choose to use the Active Viewport. The Compression Settings for Geometry, Texture, and Animation can be set to different quality settings between 0 and 100, and you can choose to limit the texture size. The Shockwave 3D Export Options dialog box includes buttons that enable you to check the objects for any geometry abnormalities that will cause problems within a Shockwave viewer. After you click the Author Check button, all geometries are checked, and another dialog box listing potential problems opens. Possible problems include the following: Geometries with holes Isolated vertices Unsupported textures Use of any Shaders other than Blinn Unsupported modifier and controller animations The Analyze button opens the Shockwave 3D File Analysis dialog box, shown in Figure 3-11. This dialog box shows a pie chart of the size of the various objects used in the scene.
TABLE 17.1
Standard cell technology library
The Big Picture
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