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Aramaic. The phrase is best known from the book of Ezekiel, where it is God s favored form of address to the prophet. In that context the term should probably be translated mortal, that is, a human being in contrast to God. In Daniel, however, where the phrase is applied to a figure that travels on the clouds and that receives eternal dominion, the emphasis is clearly not on mortality in contrast to divinity but rather on human form in contrast to animal form. The angelic interpreter of Daniel 7 identifies the final kingdom, represented by the figure of human appearance, as belonging to the holy ones of the Most High (Dan. 7:22; my trans.) The term holy ones could be understood to refer to the people of Israel, but it is more often used for angels in the literature of the Second Temple period. Thus the name of the final kingdom should probably be understood to mean the kingdom of the angels. Still, it is important to note that the angelic interpreter also speaks of the kingdom being given to the people of the holy ones of the Most High (Dan. 7:27; my trans.), that is, the people of Israel. This phrase expresses the understanding that the righteous on earth stand in close relationship to the angels in heaven, an understanding reflected in the depiction of Daniel s dealings with the angels and widespread in literature of the Second Temple period. The beasts from the sea clearly represent kingdoms rather than individual kings, as the words of the angel about the fourth beast make clear (Dan. 7:23 4, despite Dan. 7:17, four kings ). But unlike the beasts, whose strange appearance is engineered to symbolize dynasties and individual rulers, the figure of human appearance could represent either an individual or a kingdom. Some scholars have suggested that the figure is the angel Michael, who is elsewhere in the book of Daniel designated the guardian angel of the people of Israel (Dan. 12:1). Michael s relationship to Israel allows him to be understood as at once ruler and symbol of the eschatological kingdom.
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Having too many similar icons on the desktop forces you to read through a bunch of icons names to figure out which is which. Many shortcuts you create will automatically be named Shortcut to . . ., which doesn t help a whole lot when you alphabetize the desktop icons (by right-clicking the desktop and choose Arrange Icons By Name). Fortunately, you can rename any shortcut to any name you like. The more meaningful the name is to you, the better. Renaming a shortcut icon is simple, and has no adverse affects on the item to which the shortcut refers. To rename a shortcut icon, just right-click it, edit or replace the existing name, and then press Enter or click outside the icon.
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(f) The nished omelet should have a neat, oval shape. Some chefs prefer omelets that are lightly browned. Others feel that they should not be browned at all.
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Let s look at an everyday example of how destructive a disruption in this insulin-glucagon axis can be: the consumption of a highly processed carbohydrate. If we eat a large plate of pasta at lunch, most of us will hardly be able to stay awake at 3:30 p.m. There is a reason this time of day has been dubbed the afternoon doldrums. The carbohydrates in the pasta have triggered a rapid release of insulin into the bloodstream, which drives blood glucose levels down. The pasta contains only a smidgen of the protein that is required to trigger the release of the hormone glucagon, which raises blood glucose. The long-and-short of it is that the carbohydrate-rich pasta lunch has temporarily disrupted the insulin-glucagon axis. We are sleepy three hours later because of a significant drop in brain function that resulted from a diminished supply of blood glucose (our brain s primary fuel).
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creased 21.1% to $150.9 million, driven by an 18.6% decrease in average price per pair on 3.1% less volume. Gross profit declined to $78.6 million versus $108.8 million in the same period a year ago. Third quarter gross margin was 35.5%, compared to 41.7% in the same period last year. The gross margin decrease was mainly due to our aggressive pricing and a higher level of close outs during the period to bring our inventories more in-line with our plans, and, to a lesser extent, higher freight costs. Total operating expenses as a percentage of sales increased to 37.9% from 32.5% in the third quarter of fiscal 2002. Third quarter selling expenses improved to $20.6 million, or 9.3% of sales, as compared to $32.6 million or 12.5% of sales in the prior year period. The reduction in selling expenses is due to lower sales commissions, trade show costs and our planned reductions in advertising and promotional costs. On a percentage basis, advertising expense was 6.9% of sales in the third quarter of 2003, as compared to 10.5% in last year s third quarter. General and Administrative expenses were $63.5 million representing 28.6% of sales compared to $52.2 million or 20.0% of sales in last year s third quarter. The increase in general and administrative expenses was attributable to higher salaries, wages and related taxes, rent, insurance, depreciation and legal fees. Third quarter operating loss was $4.1 million compared to an operating profit of $24.1 million in last year s third quarter. Net loss was $5.9 million compared to net earnings of $14.1 million in the prior year period. Loss per share was $0.15 on 37,925,000 shares compared to fully diluted earnings per share of $0.35 on 41,926,000 shares in the third quarter of last year. We did not include the dilution effect of the shares that would be issued under our convertible notes for the third quarter of 2003. For the nine-months ended September 30, 2003, net sales were $659.7 million versus net sales of $762.7 million for the first nine-months of 2002. Gross profit was $258.6 million compared to $317.6 million for the same period of the prior year. Selling expenses for the first nine months of 2003 were $67.1 million compared to $72.6 million for the first nine months of 2002. G&A expense was $181.7 million compared to $150.7 million in the same period last year. We provided $4.4 million for income taxes for the nine months ended September 30, 2003, which is an effective tax rate of 90% of earnings before taxes, compared to an effective tax rate of 36.7% last year. The increase in the effective tax rate is due to losses incurred in low tax rate international jurisdictions, offset by higher rate domestic tax provisions. Net earnings for the first nine months of 2003 were $476 thousand compared to net income of $55.6 million. Diluted earnings per share were one cent on 38,114,000 diluted shares outstanding versus diluted earnings per share of $1.39 on 41,004,000 diluted shares for the same period last year. Trade accounts receivable at quarter end decreased 16.8% from September 30, 2002. Our DSOs at September 30, 2003, were 41 days versus 44 days in the same period of 2002.
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Coffee beans are harvested as berries from a tropical shrub.Two species of coffee account for nearly all the beans grown worldwide: Arabica coffees are delicate plants, dif cult to grow.Nevertheless,they supply about 65 to 75 percent of the world s coffee. Most of the nest coffees are from arabica beans.Robusta coffee plants are hardier and easier to grow. Most ordinary supermarket coffee is made from robusta beans, but robusta can also yield beans of very high quality. Each coffee berry contains two seeds.The harvested berries are fermented and hulled, yielding green or gray-green coffee beans.The green beans are roasted to develop their avor.The degree of roasting light,medium,dark affects the avor.Most Americans drink medium roast,sometimes called city roast,while darker roasts,sometimes called Viennese roast (medium dark) and French roast (very dark),are popular in Europe and increasingly popular in North America.The darkest roast, espresso roast, is nearly black and is brewed using a special process discussed below. Coffee is grown in many tropical countries, and each producing area is known for certain quality and flavor characteristics. Excellent coffees are grown in Colombia, Brazil,Venezuela,Mexico,Jamaica,Hawaii,Indonesia,and nations in Africa and the Middle East. Most ground coffees are blends of several varieties. Blending enables the processor to combine desirable quantities from a number of beans to produce a well-balanced beverage. Coffee may be purchased in whole bean or ground form.Whole beans stay fresh longer,but unopened vacuum packs of ground coffee keep well for a week or two and, for many establishments, are the easiest and most economical way to buy coffee. Ground coffee, once opened, should be kept in airtight containers and used within a few days. Better yet, buy ground coffee in premeasured packs suitable for your brewing equipment. Whole beans keep several weeks once opened and months in the freezer.The best practice,though,is to have frequent small deliveries so you always have the freshest coffee on hand. Brewing procedures for fresh coffee are discussed in the procedures below. In addition to the standard cup of regular hot coffee, the following coffee drinks are sometimes served. 1. Instant coffee is a powdered,soluble extract from coffee beans.To simplify somewhat,instant coffee is made by brewing regular coffee and drying it.In the process, the coffee loses a portion of its avor and aroma. Most coffee lovers agree that it does not taste as good as freshly brewed coffee.Instant coffee is rarely used in food service. Decaffeinated coffee. Caffeine is a chemical stimulant that occurs naturally in coffee, tea, and chocolate. Decaffeinated coffee is coffee from which the caffeine has been removed by solvents.It is often specially requested by some customers.In
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U.S. 10 8 oz to taste to taste 7 oz 4 oz 10 10 oz
c h l o r i d e gives an e l i m i n a t i v e aromatization reaction ( 7 1 ) . The
It almost goes without saying that this book was written during the Access 2010 beta testing phase, months before the release of Office 2010. It s possible that a few of the figures in this book don t exactly match what you see when you open Access 2010, or that the terminology will have changed from the time I wrote the book to the time you install Access 2010 on your computer. Please bear with me. Microsoft has done a great job of documenting its plans and expectations for Access 2010 and, as an author, I ve done my best to explain the many changes in Access 2010. I hope that any differences you encounter between my descriptions and explanations and your experience with Access 2010 are minor and don t impact your workflow. Please feel free to drop me an email at if you have a question or comment about the material in the Microsoft Access 2010 Bible. Also, contact me if you have a more general question about development with Access or SQL Server, and I ll try to help you out. Please be sure to prefix the subject line of your e-mail with Access Bible to get past the spam blocker on this account. Several of the chapter folders on the book s CD include a readme file. Please be sure to check the contents of this file because it contains information that became available after the book was sent for publication or helps explain how to use the example in the chapter s folder.
terminal master key, then sent to the ATM. If the PIN verification is to be done centrally over the network, the PIN is encrypted under a key that is set up using the terminal master key, and sent from the ATM to the security module for checking.
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