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f you purchased your PC with Windows XP already installed, you need to hang a U-turn. There s nothing in the Appendix for you. Go straight to the introduction, or 1, at the start of this book, and forget all about this appendix. If you purchased an upgrade version of Windows XP to replace your current version of Windows, and you haven t yet installed that upgrade, this is the place to be. To tell you the truth, you really don t have to read this entire appendix to install your upgrade. You really just have to do this: 1. Insert the CD that came with your Windows XP Upgrade into your computer s CD drive and wait a few seconds. 2. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to install XP by upgrading your current version of Windows. When the installation is complete, remove the new CD from your CD-ROM drive, put it someplace safe, and ignore the rest of this appendix. If these two steps don t quite get the job done, please read on.
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I n t e r p o s i t i o n of a methylene group between the phenyl ring and the heterocycle leads to the benzyldiaminoantipyrimidines, a class of compounds notable for t h e i r bacterial ethyl action initial 56; 57. tion. activity.
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Sean McMurray Production director
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This is exactly the same expression that we developed by rationalizing the initial P + I control arrangement. The interesting aspect of this demonstration is that integral action can be generated without actually using an integrator and this technique is used frequently by the control engineering community. While it is usually simple with electronics to put together any desirable control function, it is often dif cult in other disciplines such as hydraulics, pneumatics and mechanics. Here it is usually much easier to build a delay using restrictors and compliant volumes to emulate a rst-order lag than to develop pure integral action.
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