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Cash account Cash trade Federal Reserve Leverage Liquidation Margin Margin account Margin call Margin debt Margin requirement Margin trade Marginable security Naked writing Risk
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Once the FI module is in place, treasury capabilities can be used to support cash management and budgeting, treasury management, market risk management, and loan management. Investment Management provides a hierarchical view of internal orders or projects representing a large capital expenditure requiring planning, budgeting, and funds management to ensure the budget is not exceeded. The Controlling module supports the internal management view of the organization. The CO abilities are structured around different types of analysis to support cost center accounting, event management, activity-based costing, product costing, and market-segment profitability reporting. The EC module consists of three components focusing on consolidations, profit center accounting, and the executive information system.
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This section looks at C++ support for polymorphism, speci cally dynamic or run-time polymorphism, and related implementation issues. C++ also
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her presence makes us whole. That is just sad and pitiful. No one completes you. Nothing outside of yourself completes you. As soon as we realize we are already complete and always have been, the better off we will be. The purpose of relationships is not to have another complete you. But to have another with whom to share your completeness. Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations with God, Book 1 It is the confidence that comes from the certainty we are okay all by ourselves that will make others drawn to us. I told my wife one time that when she looks in the mirror and says to herself, Damn, I am fine! and throws her shoulders back and struts her stuff I would move heaven and earth to be with her. But when she is being needy, clinging, mousy, insecure, and weak I would move heaven and earth to be away from her. The same applies to all of us. Independence is attractive. If you go out looking for love because you desperately need someone to make you feel better about yourself, you will give off an aura that will drive away exactly what you want. And if you become independent of the need and just go out to give love instead of receive it, you will have to beat them off with a stick. Love one another but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls. Fill each other s cup but drink not from one cup. Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf. Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone,
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class RBuf16 : public TDes16 { public: IMPORT_C RBuf16(); IMPORT_C explicit RBuf16(HBufC16* aHBuf); IMPORT_C void Assign(const RBuf16& aRBuf); IMPORT_C void Assign(TUint16 *aHeapCell,TInt aMaxLength); IMPORT_C void Assign(TUint16 *aHeapCell,TInt aLength,TInt aMaxLength); IMPORT_C void Assign(HBufC16* aHBuf); IMPORT_C void Swap(RBuf16& aRBuf); IMPORT_C TInt Create(TInt aMaxLength); IMPORT_C void CreateL(TInt aMaxLength); IMPORT_C TInt CreateMax(TInt aMaxLength); IMPORT_C void CreateMaxL(TInt aMaxLength); inline void CreateL(RReadStream &aStream,TInt aMaxLength); IMPORT_C TInt Create(const TDesC16& aDes); IMPORT_C void CreateL(const TDesC16& aDes); IMPORT_C TInt Create(const TDesC16& aDes,TInt aMaxLength); IMPORT_C void CreateL(const TDesC16& aDes,TInt aMaxLength);
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Part VI
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Minimizing Your Risk with Stop/Loss
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custom invoices earlier, and this same concept needs to apply to every touch point. It is especially important in terms of marketing communication. In direct marketing, for example, the main components are the list, the offer, the format/medium, and the copy. Nearly all companies I ve worked with spend the bulk of their direct offering time on copy and format. That s the opposite of what they should be doing. Everything comes from the list and the offer. The rest are details. If you are offering the right deal to the right people at the right time, you can deliver it on a napkin or explain it in a two-minute phone call. In the world of commercial printing, every product delivered has always been mass customized. The good folks at have taken this concept to the next level. A large part of the company s growth can be attributed to the ability to better understand the unique nature of every customer. For instance, when the company first started taking online orders in 1999, they accepted only a few file formats. Now five years later, they accept 42. You can have your order shipped by any method you want, in any time frame that you need. Need your order faster Not a problem. can accommodate you for a nominal (but very profitable) surcharge. 6. Trenching Trenching is a term I use to refer to the process of finding actionable information in customer data and using that to grow your business. Some people would call this data mining, but you don t really dig for it and remove it. Instead, you move along a trench looking at the stratification, like a geologist. (Besides, data mining doesn t start with the letter t, so that would blow my whole premise.) When trenching, you are trying to find answers to the following key questions:
Who Cares about This Sale . . . and Why
As scenes become more complex, the name of the game is organization. You can organize objects within the scene in several ways, including grouping, linking, and building hierarchies. In this chapter, you ve done the following: Grouped objects using the Group menu and learned to work with groups Learned about parent, child, and root relationships
Advanced Delta Neutral Strategies
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