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Ancient philosophy and philosophers seem to refuse to be captured on lm. The Roman emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius was unique as a philosopher king. But when he is projected onto the silver screen, the depth of his philosophy regrettably remains almost uncharted. In his public role as emperor, the last of a series of good emperors, he plays an impressive role in The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964) and again in Gladiator (2000). Yet in both lms we can detect only faint traces of him as a philosopher. In the earlier lm Marcus waxes philosophical at the approach of a death he did not expect to arrive in the form of a poisoned apple, but his philosophy is remote from that of the historical emperor s Meditations. After Marcus death in the lm his Greek freedman Timonides takes up the emperor s role as philosopher. Before his death Marcus had entrusted his writings the scribblings we now know as his Meditations to his daughter Lucilla. She deposits them, contained in wooden chests and apparently unread, in the Greek library Emperor Augustus had established on the Palatine Hill. The dif cult question of how the emperor s very private Meditations were preserved is solved as such problems can be solved only in Hollywood. In Gladiator, during his last campaign on the northern frontier Marcus dies in an unhistorical strangulation by his son Commodus. Shortly before his death he asks General Maximus: Will I be known as the
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According to [ReKo74] the diffusion approximation for the approximated state probabilities of the network have a product-form solution
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4.2.1 Early days
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7 Selecting Objects, Setting Object Properties, and Using Layers
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manner. At the intersection a stable limit cycle will occur at an amplitude de ned by the ratio of the input oscillation to the saturation limit at the intersection. The same observation can be made regarding the deadband nonlinear element because the 1/CN locus is also a straight line along
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TABLE 30.3
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FIGURE 6.21. Diagram showing generation of ackab and ackbb logic.
risk of injury or death, according to the court ling. The shareholders claimed that that has been Mattel s way of doing business. According to the lawsuit, four members of the Mattel board of directors sold more than $33 million in stock from January through mid-May 2007, and noted that the timing of these sales is highly suspicious given that the selling defendants sold their shares while Mattel possessed reports of defective products but before the defects were reported to the CPSC. Mattel, however, said it didn t learn of the lead paint issue until June. Declared Jay Eisenhofer, the attorney representing the Sterling Heights pension fund: While no one is accusing Mattel of intentionally bringing shoddy and dangerous toys to market, our suit makes the case that the company has repeatedly shirked its responsibilities under the law to come clean with regulators, consumers and investors when problems have arisen with its products that could jeopardize public safety, especially when those problems could lower sales and put a dent in earnings. By consistently refusing to abide by federally mandated rules governing disclosure of product safety issues, Mattel has failed its stockholders and regrettably used its illegal, drawn-out reporting to mislead investors as well as to cover up pro t-taking by company insiders. Those actions add up to a breach of trust in the extreme, especially since Mattel s disclosure violations placed millions of children at risk of serious injury. This is a most unfortunate Toy Story. (As of the fall of 2008, the case was still pending. Any proceeds from the suit were to be paid by the directors to Mattel, not to shareholders, as is standard in derivative suits.)
In almost all cases the new version will replace the old version. So, you won t end up with two versions of the same program. Any and all documents you created with that program (or any other program) will remain intact. When you install, upgrade, or even remove a program, that process has absolutely no effect on documents you ve previously saved to your computer.
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