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its public key KS. The client now checks the certificate CS back to a root certificate issued by a company such as Verisign and stored in the browser. 3. The client sends a key exchange message containing a pre-master-secret key K0 , encrypted under the server public key KS. It also sends a finished message with a message authentication code (MAC) computed on all the messages to date. The key for this MAC is the master-secret K1 . This key is computed by hashing the pre-master-secret key with the nonces sent by the client and server: K1 = h(K0 , NC, NS ). From this point onward, all the traffic is encrypted; we ll write this as {...} KCS in the client-server direction and {...} KSC from the server to the client. These keys are generated in turn by hashing the nonces with K1 . 4. The server also sends a finished message with a MAC computed on all the messages to date. It then finally starts sending the data.
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In Tables 13.34 and 13.35 the performance measures for different mean bus service times are given as a function of the number of processors. Here, the measure system power is the sum of all processor utilizations. In Table 13.34 we see that by increasing the number of processors from 2 to 20, the system power increases by a factor of 4.6. Because the system bottleneck is the bus, it makes more sense to use a faster bus or to use a dual bus instead of increasing the number of processors. In Table 13.35 the results are shown for a faster bus with pbUs = 1.5. As a result, the system power is increased by a factor of
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When you can answer these questions and train people on those topics, you will have a powerful training program. You assume that customer satisfaction is obvious, but it is not. (See the Oyster Bar Story.) Most new employees have no idea what satisfies a customer of your company. You need to teach them. Dedicate some serious time to the training that really delivers. Each new employee should go through at least one day dedicated to an orientation to the company, its values, and its history. The best growing companies pull in the company founders, the top sales reps, or the president to explain the company s core reason for being. They get new hires up to speed on how the company is different, what it does better, and why it is going to grow. I have observed on more than one occasion the training process of new hires at (PFL). While can point to many competitive advantages, its four-month-long training process for new hires is, in my opinion, the most important. Everyone, from a back-ofhouse pressman to the newest technical service representative, is fully indoctrinated into the customer-centric mind-set that is PFL. In many cases, people being trained come from a printing background. That s fine. They may have a slight headstart relative to their fellow trainees. But the customer-driven processes at PFL are unique, so even the most seasoned print industry veteran will need every bit of the four months of
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8 Transforming Objects Translate, Rotate, and Scale
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The ability to post process costs directly to a market segment (using a DAA) coupled with a frozen standard process rate provides real-time market segment reporting. Also, templates can be run within a period, providing another method for
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FIGURE 10.22
Merchants using SSL are supposed to have certificates for their public keys,
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