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Figure 18-23: The Loft compound object deformation options: Bevel and Fit
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government, although in practice police appear to have taken on the main leadership role (Felson et al., 1997; Kelly, 1993; Rumbold et al., 1998). Essentially the Accord is a code of practice that facilitates self-regulation by licensees throughout the region. Best practice provisions included speci ed types of photo-identi cation, minimum $5 cover charges after 11.00 p.m., no passouts from venues with an entry charge, no underage patrons and responsible service of alcohol (including elimination of gimmicks that promote rapid and excessive consumption of alcohol). A key strategy of the Accord was to stop pub-hopping by means of entry and exit controls. No before after measures of alcohol and drug related harm were available but police records suggest that reported assault and property damage rates reduced after the Accord was implemented (Rumbold et al., 1998). Moreover, in comparison with two other regional centres, practices in Geelong venues were signi cantly better in terms of responsible drinking promotions, amenities and responsible serving practices, although no differences were found with respect to crowding or overall levels of intoxication. In comparison with other community-based initiatives, the Geelong Accord seems to have maintained a positive impact over a period of several years. Rumbold et al. (1998) attribute this longevity to several factors, particularly the fact that the Accord was developed and resourced entirely within the local community, and the levels of stability in the local liquor industry and amongst police, local government and liquor licensing personnel. It seems that the Fremantle, Geraldton and Geelong initiatives were mostly top-down rather than community-initiated interventions, despite the levels of cooperation achieved at the local level. In fact, most community projects seem to require at least some external resources or initiative to get them going, even if the level of community involvement and empowerment eventually achieved is quite high. As Midford et al. (1994) conclude, the top-down and bottom-up approaches both have strengths and weaknesses, and in practice should be seen as complementary rather than mutually exclusive.
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Occurrences of if E then S1 else S2 are either occurrences of S1 if E holds at commencement of this action, or occurrences of S2 , if E holds. This action has as write frame the union of those of S1 and S2 . Occurrences of while E do S are a sequence of occurrences (S, i1 ), . . . , (S, in ) of S, where E holds at the commencement of each of these actions and where E fails to hold at termination of (S, in ). The while action has the same write frame as S. Bounded loops can be de ned in terms of unbounded loops. Preconditioned actions : pre Pre then S are de ned to have i : N1 Pre and i : N1 Pre (S, i) j : N1 ( , j) = (S, i) ( , j) = (S, i) ( , i) j : N1 ( , i) = (S, j) ( , i) = (S, j)
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To apply a color to text on a page, simply open the page in the main work area of Dreamweaver, highlight the text or link to which you want to apply the color, click the color name in the Colors panel, and drag it onto the text in the work area. Dreamweaver automatically inserts the color onto the page. You can then change the attributes of the color in the Property inspector. (Figure 9.5 shows the Colors panel with a color applied to text on a page.) To add a color to the Favorites section of the Colors Assets panel, right-click the color and choose Add to Favorites.
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72 The Heavenly Messiah
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4. Dip the celery leaves into the batter, then drop into a deep fryer heated to 350 F (180 C). 5. Drain and serve immediately.
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Optional: Cream, hot
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Click a slice. In the Fireworks Property inspector, choose the type of slice you want to use: Image or HTML. If this slice does not contain an image, you can choose HTML from the Type menu. If it is an image, choose Image and then the most appropriate type of optimization (GIF, JPEG, and so on), as shown in Figure 4.4.
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