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If we substitute Eq. (7.59) we get:
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was vulnerable to Trojan horse compromises, and it was more complex than need be. Nonetheless, it laid the foundation for BLP, and also led to the current IBM S/390 mainframe hardware security architecture [394]. Shortly thereafter, a number of teams produced primitive versions of the lattice model, which I ll discuss in more detail in 8, Section 8.2.1. These also made a significant contribution to the Bell-LaPadula work, as did Honeywell engineers working on Multics which led to a system called SCOMP, which I ll discuss in Section 7 below. Noninterference was introduced by Joseph Goguen and Jose Meseguer in 1982 [339]. In a system with this property, High s actions have no effect on what Low can see. Nondeducibility is less restrictive and was introduced by Sutherland in 1986 [743]. Here the idea is to try and prove that Low cannot deduce anything with 100 percent certainty about High s input. Low users can see High actions, just not understand them; a more formal definition is that any legal string of high-level inputs is compatable with every string of low-level events. So for every trace Low can see, there s a similar trace that didn t involve High input. But different low-level event streams may require changes to high-level outputs or reordering of high-level/low-level event sequences. The motive for nondeducibility is to find a model that can deal with applications such as a LAN on which there are machines at both Low and High, with the High machines encrypting their LAN traffic. (A lot more is needed to do this right, from padding the High traffic with nulls so that Low users can t do traffic analysis, and even ensuring that the packets are the same size see [659] for an early example of such a system.) Nondeducibility has historical importance, as it was the first nondeterministic version of Goguen and Meseguer s ideas. But it is hopelessly weak. There s nothing to stop Low making deductions about High input with 99 percent certainty. There are also a whole lot of problems when we are trying to prove results about databases; we have to take into account any information that can be inferred from data structures (such as from partial views of data with redundancy), as well as consider the traces of executing programs. I ll discuss these problems further in 8, Section 8.3. Improved models include generalized noninterference and restrictiveness. The former is the requirement that if one alters a high-level input event in a legal sequence of system events, the resulting sequence can be made legal by, at most, altering one or more subsequent high-level output events. The latter adds a further restriction on the part of the trace, where the alteration of the high-level outputs can take place. This is needed for technical reasons, to ensure that two systems satisfying the restrictiveness property can be composed into a third, which also does. (See [540] which explains these issues.) The Harrison-Ruzzo-Ullman model tackles the problem of how to deal with the creation and deletion of files, an issue on which BLP is silent. It operates on access matrices and verifies whether there is a sequence of instructions that causes an access right to leak to somewhere it was initially not present [373]. This is more expressive than BLP, but more complex and thus less tractable as an aid to verification. John Woodward proposed a compartmented mode workstation (CMW) policy, which attempted to model the classification of information using floating labels, as opposed to the fixed labels associated with BLP [809, 351]. It was ultimately unsuccessful, because labels tend to either float up too far too fast (if done correctly), or they float up more slowly (but don t block all the opportunities for malicious information flow).
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Primary key Contact s employer or other affiliation Contact s address Contact s city Contact s state Contact s zip code Contact s phone Contact s fax Contact s e-mail address Contact s Web address
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The firm does not generate enough internal cash flows that are then available for valuable investment projects. This leads to less investment than what would otherwise be possible (underinvestment). We
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Of course, searching the Internet and searching your own computer are two entirely different things, for the simple reason that the Internet exists outside your computer, and its searches don t include things that are inside your computer. But the general rule of specificity applies to all searches.
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The Word macro recorder is a powerful tool to help you create Automation code. Developer tab
decade of the 1940s, they increased by 6.2 million and then by another 18.4 million during the 1950s. Meanwhile, the 20 to 24 age group showed virtually no change at all from 1940 to 1960 and the 25 to 34 group registered only a nominal rise. If we assume that the labor force is drawn from those people aged 14 to 64, we nd that this group rose by less than ten million during the rst ten years after the war and shrank from 66.5 percent of the total population to less than 61 percent. But now this situation is changing rapidly. The increase in the number of people of working age from 1965 to 1970 will be as great as the entire increase from 1947 to 1957; the growth after 1970 will be at an even faster rate than during the 1960s. This means that, while we have become adjusted to the dearth of young workers that resulted from the post World War I birthrate patterns, we must now seek an entirely new set of adjustments as we move into the years that will be in uenced by the reversal of these patterns after World War II. These gures also raise some other intriguing questions about the impact of population trends on the level of business activity. For example, the arithmetic optimists point to the increasingly rapid growth in the labor force as their key argument for a booming prosperity; they sweeten their case further by predicting that the growth in the number of young adults will swell the number of marriages and household formations and thereby greatly stimulate the demand for goods and services.
and sexy pinstriped business suit, she intoned, What the fuck do I have to do to get a decent assignment around here Her career-building philosophy was simple: I always fought for my point of view. She got her way and became a product manager for the Barbie brand, and in 1982 was promoted to the post of Barbie marketing director. By the 1988 Christmas toy season, Barad, at 37, was executive vice president of Marketing Worldwide Product Design and Development at the time one of four Mattel executive vice presidents, having control over design and marketing, and directing the work of some 500 employees.
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SMART GOALS There are all kinds of goals; some are short term and specific while others are long term and indefinite. And while some goals can be easily understood by most any employee, others can be complex and difficult to figure out. Still others can be easily accomplished while others are virtually impossible to attain. This is all well and good, but the whole point of setting goals is to achieve them. Goals should consistently be understandable, realistic, and attainable. You re wasting your time (and your employees time) by going to the trouble of calling meetings, involving employees, and burning precious time, only to end up with goals that cannot be achieved. The best goals are SMART goals specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (see pages 115 116).
Access allows up to nine Or cells for each field. If you need to specify more Or conditions, use the Or operator between conditions (for example, AZ Or CA Or NY Or PA).
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