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Ruth and Elliot s word was law, says Adickes, years later. They were exalted. They were Mattel s God and Holy Spirit and they had a competitive, adversarial relationship with Jack Ryan. In the end, Ruth was designated as the inventor of Barbie. This was done not only for ego, but probably for good business reasons. It wouldn t be good business to identify anyone else who contributed. Adickes notes that after he left Mattel, unhappy with the politics and culture, Elliot Handler began taking credit for Hot Wheels. As Adickes observes, It wouldn t be good business for the Handlers to say, Well, the man who actually came up with the idea for Hot Wheels was an automotive designer who left the company. Salaried Mattel designers such as Adickes who were big producers sometimes received bonuses and stock options, but were barely compensated for their lucrative ideas. After signing a mandatory document turning over all patent rights to a toy that might generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for Mattel, he says they received in return a crisp one-dollar bill. Sometimes I got it, notes Adickes, sometimes not. Because the world-famous Barbie brand has been the most signi cant product in Mattel s extraordinary lifetime, the unvarnished story of the doll s conception and implementation offers a candid snapshot of Mattel s founders and their complex relationship with their employees, and of the company s curious corporate culture. It underscores how Mattel became an international juggernaut the biggest, baddest toy company in the world. Placing Barbie s plastic DNA under a microscope, one nds contradictions in Ruth Handler s story of Barbie s conception. It also reveals the very private war the Handlers were waging against Jack Ryan, which subsequently so debilitated him emotionally and physically that at the age of 64 he had a tragic end. His manner of death has long been kept secret.
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Figure 23-3: Increasing the Self-Illumination value reduces the shadows in an object. The Opacity spinner sets the level of transparency of an object. A value of 100 makes a material completely opaque, while a value of 0 makes the material completely transparent. Use the Background button (located on the upper-right side of the Material Editor) to enable a patterned background image to make it easier to view the effects of the Opacity setting. Figure 23-4 shows materials with Opacity values of 10, 25, 50, 75, and 90.
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Your address book will grow. Keeping it up to date and organized is going to take some management on your part: things like adding contacts, changing and deleting contacts, putting together groups of people so that you can send them all an e-mail, such as a family newsletter. Let s start with adding and changing contacts.
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Studies of Moderation-orientated Treatment
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If you are still alive, you are not a victim; you re a survivor. The label you claim for yourself has a direct effect on how you think and act. It also has consequences in terms of how others perceive and respond to you. The word victim brings with it an image of continued suffering under the weight of a heavy burden from past experiences that cannot be changed. Addressing yourself as a victim and having others The adult child movement, do the same produces feelby declaring practically ings of helplessness, desponeveryone to be a victim of dency, and sometimes anger. imperfect parenting and The term survivor, howtherefore eligible for lifelong, ever, brings to mind someone self-absorbed irresponsibility, who endures, lives through the has trivialized real suffering adversity, persists, and bounces and made psychic invalids of back to make progress anyway. those who once had a bad To be repeatedly addressed as a day. strong and resilient survivor Frank Pittman, MD encourages feelings of pride
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create two variables and set them both to 0. The local keyword tells Max that the variable belongs to this function. No part of the script outside of the function can see this variable, and if there is a variable outside the function with the same name, changing the variable inside this function won t affect that variable outside the function. That way, you never have to worry about what other variables are in use when someone calls average; even if variables are in use that are named Total or Count, they won t be affected.
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Part IV Materials and Maps
Separate multiple arguments with colons for example: CC_DEBUG1=0 : CC_DEBUG2=-1.
Pointing to a taskbar button shows a miniature version of the window that the button represents.
Figure 3-12: Other Places in the Explorer bar Clicking on an option takes you directly to the folder. Note, however, that of the folders shown, only Shared Documents is an actual document folder. The other folders shown are special folders used to get to a specific disk drive, or perhaps to shortcuts you ve stored on the desktop. Here s a quick overview of the folders you can jump to from the Other Places: Desktop: As mentioned, Desktop is a folder that contains a copy of all the icons on your desktop. The Desktop is a lousy place to store documents. But if it already contains shortcuts to document folders you use frequently, you can use that folder as an intermediate step to get to any folder that those shortcuts represent.
Using the Customize User Interface dialog box Creating custom keyboard shortcuts, toolbars, quadmenus, menus, and colors Customizing the Command Panel buttons Loading and saving custom interfaces Configuring paths
Toolbar Button Name Mirror Horizontally Mirror Vertically Rotate 90 degrees CCW Rotate 90 degrees CW Delete Control Point Reset Curve Delete Curve Get Shape Generate Path Lock Aspect Description Mirrors the selection horizontally Mirrors the selection vertically Rotates the selection 90 degrees counterclockwise Rotates the selection 90 degrees clockwise Deletes the selected control point Returns the curve to its original form Deletes the selected curve Selects a separate spline to use as a profile Replaces the current path with a straight line Maintains the relationship between height and width
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