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5 Customizing the Max Interface and Setting Preferences
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Figure 25-5: The General tab on an Internet connection s Properties dialog box
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China: The New Global Tech Hub
Part IV Materials and Maps
mine what happens to the NPV in a RAROC world. This is a problem because, on the one hand as we will show shortly nonzero NPV projects lead to further skews in RAROC,79 and determining the hurdle rate for each project separately does not fix this problem. On the other hand, one should keep in mind that the NPV is exactly what we are trying to find out when we are calculating RAROC, making this discussion a circular problem. We can depict the effects of positive and negative NPV projects on RAROC as follows (see Figure 6.3). Given the setup of our model, it is reasonable to assume that, in our flows-to-equity80 world, the NPV of a project flows to VE at time T and hence eventually to economic capital EC.81 Additionally, we assume that the correlation of the asset under consideration to the broad market portfolio does not change; we are only investigating what happens when the riskiness of the transaction changes.
Managing Files and Folders
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