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Choose tables. You can obtain information from a single table or from many tables that are related by some common data. Suppose you re interested in seeing the customer name along with the items purchased by each type of customer. When using several tables, Access combines the data as a single recordset. Choose fields. Specify which fields from each table you want to see in the recordset. For example, you can select the customer name, zip code, sales date, and invoice number from tblCustomers and tblSales. Provide criteria. Record selection is based on selection criteria. For example, you might want to see records for only a certain category of products. Sort records. You might want to sort records in a specific order. For example, you might need to see customer contacts sorted by last name and first name. Perform calculations. Use queries to perform calculations such as averages, totals, or counts of data in records. Create tables. Create a brand-new table based on data returned by a query. Display query data on forms and reports. The recordset you create from a query might have just the right fields and data needed for a report or form. Basing a form or report on a query means that, every time you print the report or open the form, you see the most current information contained in the tables. Use a query as a source of data for other queries (subquery). You can create queries that are based on records returned by another query. This is very useful for performing ad hoc queries, where you might repeatedly make small changes to the criteria. In this case, the second query filters the first query s results. Make changes to data in tables. Action queries modify multiple rows in the underlying tables as a single operation. Action queries are frequently used to maintain data, such as archiving stale records or deleting obsolete information.
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Notice the execution pointer (a yellow arrow) in the Margin Indicator bar pointing at the last line of the SQL statement. This arrow tells you where execution is actually stopped. The line pointed to by the arrow has not yet executed, so any action performed in the statement has not occurred. Consecutive clicks on the Step Into button (or pressing F8) walks through the code one statement at a time. If a statement includes a call to a child procedure, you ll be taken to that procedure and walked through it. If you want, you can use the Step Over button (or press Shift+F8) to step through the child routine. If you ve previously debugged the child routine and you re sure it contains no errors, there is no reason to walk through its code. The code in the called routine is actually executed when you click on the Step Over button, changing any variables involved. When you re satisfied that you don t need to continue walking through the code in the child procedure, click on the Step Out button (or press Ctrl+F8) to complete the procedure. The Step Out button is handy if you ve stepped into a called routine and you re sure there s nothing interesting going on in it. One very nice feature in the Access VBA window is the Auto Data Tips option in the Modules tab in the Options dialog box. With this option selected, you re able to view the value of any variable in a tooltip-like window by hovering the mouse pointer over the variable s name in the module window (see Figure 14.20).
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Once you have nailed down the source of the problem, summarize your essential ndings in a concise problem statement. This, by the way, is also the foundation for your sales proposal. Here s an example: Acme Global Manufacturing faces the threat that three strategic suppliers will cut off shipments because of delayed payments for inventory. The company has concluded that improving cash collections will result in a stronger cash position and boost the company s ability to pay its suppliers as agreed. To address this challenge, Acme must improve its cash collection rate by 35 percent to regain its level of past performance. Achieving that level of performance within six months will resolve the company s payment issues. To meet this goal, Acme executives will undertake a cash ow improvement project by revamping customer communication, streamlining customer account management, and providing more timely information support for customer credit decisions.
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I honestly didn t know. As is usually the case with Thornton, I didn t know where he was taking me I just knew that I would be glad to have made the trip. If you have read this book, as I now have, you ll know that you and I were both right to trust our time and our minds to Thornton s care. The usual rules apply for time spent with Thornton: It s a cross between a meeting of the Mensa Club and the Comedy Club. What do we all need to learn What do we bring back with us from this inspired and inspiring visit to the future The world is changing. In many respects it already has changed. In most respects even the changes that we think we can see and understand we only dimly perceive and vaguely comprehend. And today s disruptions are prologue for what comes next. And then what comes after that. We are all discovering that the old rules of business of work and of life are often ill suited for the new challenges that we face today and the unimaginable developments we ll nd in the future. The world is changing, and while the requirements remain the same, the techniques, tactics, and tools are also changing. We re learning to cope with business moving at the speed of thought, work fueled by the power of knowledge. We re learning to deal with information that is both instantaneous and permanent at the same time. We re learning to work with organizations that are unit-of-one size and global at the same time. We re learning to make decisions based on too much information and too little information at the same time. We re struggling to adapt to insatiable customer demands and unspoken customer desires at the same time. We re having to keep our existing operations running, growing, prospering and to change them deeply, restlessly, permanently at the same time. People are more important than ever and so is technology at the same time. Making money is essential and an inadequate scorecard at the same time. You have to be fast and agile at the same time that you are smart and cautious. You can t succeed by being all things to all people, and you can succeed only by knowing who you are in the rst place.
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7. Click Next> after making your selections. 8. The last wizard page summarizes your selections. Click Finish.
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When you download a document, you re actually saving a copy of that document to your own hard disk. Note that I m talking strictly about downloading documents here. Downloading programs is a different matter, because you have to download and install a program before you can use it on your computer. But only programs need to be installed, not documents.
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Developing a Leadership Vision in and a dedication to see that vision lived in real, tangible ways. Although Martin Luther King, Jr. was the only orator of the group, I have a dream . . . could be words that introduce each of these ve s life s work. We tend to think of vision differently in business, and that is not a good thing. Too often we de ne a good leader simply as someone who sets a big, measurable goal for a company. The problem is an organization may meet the goal but not grow in its character, undermining the ability for continued goal achievement. In others words, goals, as important as they are, must have a deeper why or they are not sustainable. There must be an engine that drives them, commitment to a cause that is bigger than just raw market share. In coaching executives on the issue of tying vision and values together, you may experience signi cant push-back. Talking about values in today s postmodern work environment is often seen by hard-charging personalities as soft and unrelated to the bottom line. Nothing could be further from the truth. Values-based vision is the essential foundation for enduring success, not just a good quarter or two, as evidenced by the research that follows.
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CrossReference For more on constraints, including these two, see 33, Animating with Constraints and Controllers.
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Printing, Faxing, and Scanning
Optionally, enter the Cancel URL. This is a Web page on your server where PayPal can redirect a customer that has forfeited an order in the middle
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Power Using the Internet
The final step consists of unconditioning $:
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