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Figure 19-20: Using the Collision Spawn and a well-placed deflector, you can create an avalanche effect.
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Conquering Spyware with Windows Defender
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I know that dinosaurs are reptiles and generally aren t fuzzy, but if they were fuzzy, maybe they could have survived when the weather turned cold. In this example, we apply some fur to a dinosaur model. To add fur to a dinosaur model, follow these steps: 1. Open the Fuzzy dinosaur.max file from the Chap 20 directory on the DVD. This file includes a dinosaur model created by Viewpoint Datalabs. 2. Select the dinosaur s skin, and choose the Modifiers Hair and Fur Hair and Fur WSM menu command to apply the Hair and Fur modifier to the object. 3. Open the Modify panel, and in the Selection rollout, click the Face subobject mode. Then select all the polygon faces that make up the dinosaur s body, removing the arms, legs, and head. Click the Update Selection button in the Selection rollout to apply the fur only to the body of the dinosaur. 4. In the General Parameters rollout, set the Hair Count value to 100000 and the Scale value to 10. Figure 20-5 shows the resulting dinosaur, warm and fuzzy.
must consecrate all our endeavors. For the one that bore us is just as dear to us as the one that adopted us . . . [Everybody] has two fatherlands but considers them one and the same.75
General Internet Connectivity from the Enterprise Yet another problem is the requirement for high availability of general Internet connectivity for arbitrary enterprise users to the public Internet. (see Figure 7.6). Picture, for example, an engineering lab that must have mail and Web connectivity for day-to-day operations. Addresses on interfaces that connect to the general Internet need to be unique in the global Internet routing system, although they may be translated, at the network address or port level, from internal private address to public space.
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Your database is named with a standard Windows name, such as 14.accdb, but Access uses an internal project name to reference the VBA code in your application. You ll see this name when you compile your database. When the database file is first created, the project name and the Windows filename will be the same. The project name isn t changed when you change the Windows filename of the .accdb file. You can change the project name by choosing Tools Project Name Properties (where Project Name is the current internal project name). (The Project Name property is shown in Figure 14.13, a little later in this chapter.) Compiling your database only makes sure that you have no syntax errors. The compiler can check only for language problems by first recognizing the VBA statement and then checking to see that
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