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Aggregation, composition and inheritance are primarily used to remove redundancies, in particular the repetition of the same code (often implemented differently) in different classes or programs. In the analysis of a problem, if a group of concepts share common properties and behavior they are good candidates for abstraction, in this case, the separation of the common functionality. The amount of commonality dictates the degree
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Use the core algorithm for K = 6 jobs in the network with the Ki (K) values from Step 1 and the Di(K) values from Step 3 as inputs. STEP cl Estimated values: %(6) K1(5) = 5 * 6
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Figure 26-3: Windows Firewall dialog box
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Part V
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Cook, P.J. & Tauchen, G. (1982). The effect of liquor taxes on heavy drinking. Bell Journal of Economics, 12, 379 390. Crooks, E. (1989). Alcohol Consumption and Taxation. London: Institute for Fiscal Studies. Davies, P. & Walsh, D. (1983). Alcohol Problems and Alcohol Control in Europe. New York: Gardner. Edwards, G.A.P., Babor, T.F., Casswell, S., Ferrence, R., Giesbrecht, N., Godfrey, C., Holder, H.D., Lemmens, P., M kel , K., Midanik, L.T., Norstr m, T., sterberg, E., Romelsj , A., Room, R., Simpura, J. & Skog, O.-J. (1994). Alcohol Policy and the Public Good. New York: Oxford University Press. Godfrey, C. (1986). Factors In uencing the Consumption of Alcohol and Tobacco A Review of Demand Models. York, UK: Addiction Research Centre for Health Economics. Godfrey, C. (1989). Factors in uencing the consumption of alcohol and tobacco: the use and abuse of economic models. British Journal of Addiction, 84, 1123 1138. Godfrey, C. (1990). Modelling demand. In A. Maynard & P. Tether (Eds), Preventing Alcohol and Tobacco Problems, Vol. 1 (pp. 35 53). Aldershot: Avebury. Grossman, M., Coate, D. & Arluck, G.M. (1987). Price sensitivity of alcoholic beverages in the United States: Youth alcohol consumption. In H.D. Holder (Ed.), Advances in Substance Abuse: Behavioral and Biological Research: Control Issues in Alcohol Abuse Prevention: Strategies for States and Communities (pp. 169 198). Greenwich, CT: JAI. Huitfeldt, B. & Jorner, U. (1972). Efterfr gan p rusdrycker i Sverige (The Demand for Alcoholic Beverages in Sweden). Rapport fr n Alkoholpolitiska utredningen (Report from the Alcohol Policy Commission). Stockholm: Government Of cial Reports. Hurst, W., Gregory, E. & Gussman, T. (1997). Alcoholic Beverage Taxation and Control Policies. International Survey. Ninth edition. Ottawa: Brewers Association of Canada. Kendell, R.E., de Roumanie, M. & Ritson, E.B. (1983). Effect of economic changes on Scottish drinking habits, 1978 82. British Journal of Addiction, 78, 365 379. Kenkel, D.S. (1993). Driving, driving and deterrence: the effectiveness and social costs of alternative policies. Journal of Law and Economics, 36, 877 913. Laixuthai, A. & Chaloupka, F.J. (1993). Youth alcohol use and public policy. Contemporary Policy Issues, 11, 70 81. Landis, B.Y. (1952). Some economic aspects of inebriety. In Alcohol, Science and Society. New Haven, CT: Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol. Lau, H.-H. (1975). Cost of alcoholic beverages as a determinant of alcohol consumption. In R.J. Gibbins, Y. Israel & H. Kalant (Eds), Research Advances in Alcohol and Drug Problems, Vol. 22 (pp. 211 245). New York: Wiley. Leung, S.F. & Phelps, C.E. (1993). My kingdom for a drink . . . A review of estimates of the price sensitivity of demand for alcoholic beverages. In M.E. Hilton & G. Bloss (Eds), Economics and the Prevention of Alcohol-related Problems. Research Monograph No. 25, NIH Pub. No. 93 513 (pp. 1 32). Rockville, MD: National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Markowitz, S. & Grossman, M. (1998). Alcohol Regulation and Violence towards Children. Working Paper No. 6359. Cambridge, MA: National Bureau of Economic Research. Murray, C.J.L. & Lopez, A.D. (Eds) (1996). The Global Burden of Disease. A Comprehensive Assessment of Mortality and Disability from Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors in 1990 and Projected to 2020. Global Burden of Disease and Injury Series, Vol. 1. Cambridge, MA: Harvard School of Public Health. Nyberg, A. (1967). Alkoholijuomien kulutus ja hinnat (Consumption and Prices of Alcoholic Beverages), Vol. 15. Helsinki: Finnish Foundation for Alcohol Studies. Olsson, O. (1991). Prisets och inkomstens betydelse f r alkoholbruk, missbruk och skador (The Effect of Prices and Income on Alcohol Consumption and Related Problems). Stockholm: Swedish Council for Information on Alcohol and other Drugs (CAN). Ornstein, S.I. (1980). Control of alcohol consumption through price increases. Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 41, 807 818. Ornstein, S.I. & Levy, D. (1983). Price and income elasticities and the demant for alcohol beverages. In M. Galanter (Ed.), Recent Developments in Alcoholism, Vol. 1 (pp. 303 345). New York: Plenum. sterberg, E. (1982). Alcohol and Economics. In E.M. Pattison & E. Kaupfman (Eds), Encyclopedic Handbook of Alcoholism (pp. 415 425). New York: Gardner. sterberg, E. (1995). Do alcohol prices affect consumption and related problems In H. Holder &
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Tutorial: Building with pipes
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lected testing window If you are unclear as to the information required, clarify it with your board immediately. Common exam application mistakes include Leaving requested information blank Illegible handwriting Questions answered incorrectly Questions skipped because they are on the back of the application form or on another sheet of paper Missing signatures Inappropriate fee enclosed or check made payable to the incorrect party Improper attachment of necessary photograph(s) Missing supporting information such as college transcripts Mailing the application to the wrong address Mailing the application too late to qualify to sit in the desired testing window
The page is saved to whatever folder you specified in Step 2. When you open that folder, you ll see one or two documents for the page. If you chose the Web page, complete option, you ll see two icons. One will be a document icon with whatever filename you entered in Step 3. The other icon will be a folder that has the same filename followed by _files. Figure 17.34 shows an example with the icons shown in Tiles view.
It s important to understand that when you type something in the Search For box, you re not sending your question to an expert to read and answer. There is no live person on the other end to read and respond to your question. Instead, what you get is a list of all the previous newsgroup posts that contain the word or phrase for which you searched, something like the example in Figure 5.8. FIGURE 5.8
During his lifetime, the Father of Barbie had his name on more than a thousand patents, and was a man of seemingly as many personas inventor, designer, and serial Casanova, to name just a few. The Los Angeles Times once characterized him as a strange mixture of the new technologist and the old playboy. Zsa Zsa Gabor, the second of his ve wives (he was the sixth of her nine husbands), had a somewhat different view. She described the Father of Barbie this way: [M]y knight in shining armor, the inhabitant of a fairy-tale castle, Jack my new husband . . . was a full-blown seventiesstyle swinger into wife-swapping and sundry sexual pursuits as a way of life. Most of her assessment was accurate, except for the wife-swapping part, unless she meant he swapped one old wife for one new one with rings and weddings, like she did with her mates. Except for a small circle of con dantes, few knew that the Father of Barbie was a mass of treatable and untreatable emotional problems and addictions, including what later became known as hypersexuality, a manic need for sexual grati cation, which was one of the symptoms of his bipolar disorder a well-kept secret and an illness that explained his compulsive womanizing. Barbie has quite an untold heritage.
of ruins surrounding the words THE END. (Cf. my discussion in Eight.) The fall of Rome has barely begun, but the loss is already being conceived as complete. And this ending may have made contemporary audiences think and feel about their own moment in history. Even if the West had recovered from the barbarities of two world wars, the early 1960s was still a time of precariousness and anxiety over the Cold War and a nuclear arms race, soon to be followed by student unrest, Vietnam, Watergate, and much beyond.33 For viewers attuned to the emotional pull of romance and melodrama, here coupled to their sense of spectacular visual beauty and historical understanding, the effect can be overwhelming. In such emotional involvement may actually lie the ultimate cause for the lm s nancial failure at the box of ce far more than in the public s often postulated satiety with sword and sandal movies. Those who had gone to see The Fall of the Roman Empire in the expectation of watching another uplifting story had their expectations thwarted and may have warned others off this lm: No happy ending! The lm s end title closes what had begun with the title card, whose thematic importance is commonly overlooked. Side by side with male and female gures drawn in the style of ancient graf ti we can read two Latin phrases on either side of the screen. On the lower right, also in graf tistyle, is VOX POPVLI and under it, in smaller letters, VOX DEI: The voice of the people is the voice of God. Although it is a proverbial Christian saying, it ts the lm s pagan context.34 The saying is by Peter of Blois, the twelfth-century poet, diplomat, and Latin secretary to King Henry II, to Eleanor of Aquitaine, and to several archbishops of Canterbury. It was addressed to the clergy and exhorted them to heed their congregations judgment of them. Its roots are ancient, both biblical and pagan.35 In the lm it contrasts with the people s obliviousness to Commodus ruinous policies, just as it emphasizes his disregard of the people. In the lm s rst half the voice of Marcus Aurelius had addressed the empire s leaders but had really expressed his concerns for the people: VOX MARCI, VOX
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