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Working with Objects
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interfere with each other in memory). Neither of these conditions is met when people are asked to choose passwords for a large number of Web sites that they visit rarely. So as they become principals in more and more electronic systems, the same passwords get used over and over again. Not only may attacks be carried out by outsiders guessing passwords, but by insiders in other systems.
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222See Ong (1999), p. 164. Other recommended distributions for finding an analytic solution to economic capital are the inverse normal distribution (see Ong (1999), p. 184) or distributions that are also used in extreme value theory (EVT) such as Cauchy, Gumbel, or Pareto distributions. For a detailed discussion of EVT, see Reiss and Thomas (1997), Embrechts et al. (1997 and 1998), McNeil and Saladin (1997), and McNeil (1998).
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always be only one customer related to every sales record. That is, many sales can be associated with a single customer. In this case, the Collectible Mini Cars system is actually using tblCustomers as a lookup table.
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Part VI
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change the style definition, the text you formatted earlier doesn t update automatically to reflect the changes to the style. Still, in many cases, HTML styles can save time if you find yourself applying the same style attributes over and over again, such as in Figures 39.1 (CP 55) and 39.2 (CP 56), where you see one of my columns with no formatting, and then another version with formatting. To make it easier to format my newspaper column, which I add to my own Web site regularly, I created HTML styles to format the body, headline, byline, and dateline more easily.
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Grilled Chicken Flatbread Sandwich (without cheese) 390 Fruit 'n Yogurt Parfait (without granola) 130 Macadamia nuts or walnuts C/2 oz.) Bayou Style Seafood Gumbo (6 oz.) Live Maine Lobster, Steamed (1.25 lb.) Garden Salad Fat-free Ranch Dressing 190 120 160 50 50 1,665
3: Passwords
Using hot-pluggable devices Disconnecting hot-pluggable devices Installing not-so-hot-pluggable devices Removing hardware devices
CrossReference For more information on using the Track View, see 34, Working with the Track View.
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