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FIGURE 33.18
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Copying Files from a CD
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31 Animation and Keyframe Basics
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The target actual allocation is utilized to impute actual consumption based on a planned relationship. For example, 10000 KWH of electricity are planned for 1000 production MACHR. The planned relationship is 10:1. Therefore, for every actual MACHR consumed, 10 KWH will also be consumed. Therefore, if actual production utilizes 2000 MACHRs, 20,000 KWHs will be consumed. With an internal order, this allocation method functions more as a plan actual because the lot size of the internal order effectively is one. Exhibit 6.5 illustrates a target actual allocation of a process to the internal orders. Since quantities of the internal order will not increase or decrease because it does not have an output quantity, the target actual will not flex the required processes to be consumed. The amount planned simply is posted for actual. If a standard costing system is utilized, any variance in costs on the process will therefore be price related since the volume has not changed. This variance will be liquidated with another allocation or if an actual costing system is utilized the actual process rate liquidates the variance based on actual quantities consumed.
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For HOL jobs, two cases have to be distinguished:
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Solving the Long-Term Care Puzzle 113
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Yield: 2 lb (1 kg)
Making Sense of Multi-Tier Architecture
Never turn off your computer without first closing all open programs and saving all unsaved work! Always shut down properly by clicking the Start button, clicking the arrow next to the lock symbol, and choosing Shut Down.
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