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14 Managing Disks, Folders, and Files
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The same wizard imports objects and links to external Access tables.
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A linked SharePoint list appears much like any other Access table.
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Public Property Let ProductID(Value As Long) Dim db As DAO.Database Dim rs As DAO.Recordset m_ProductID = Value If m_ProductID <= 0 Then Exit Property End If Set db = CurrentDb() Set rs = db.OpenRecordset( _ Products ) Seek the Product record matching the m_ProductID value. rs.FindFirst ProductID = & m_ProductID If Not rs.NoMatch Then Assign database data to object properties: If IsNull(rs.Fields( ProductName ).Value) Then m_ProductName = vbNullString Else m_ProductName = rs.Fields( ProductName ).Value End If <This pattern is repeated for each property> Else Product not found! Assign default values to each property variable: m_ProductName = vbNullString m_SupplierID = -1 m_CategoryID = -1 m_QuantityPerUnit = vbNullString m_UnitPrice = -1 m_UnitsInStock = -1 m_UnitsOnOrder = -1 Binary Compatibility Applications
Analyzing the scene
In virtually every instance, the data returned by a Cartesian product query is worthless. Because data is duplicated for every row in both tables, there is no useful information that can be derived from the query.
Open the page where you created the pop-up launcher. Click the <body> tag in the Tag inspector to select it. You see the OnLoad event assigned to the popup behavior. Click to select the OnUnload event (see Figure 21.3). Save and preview your work by pressing F12. Allow the page to load completely, and then close your browser to view the result. See Figure 21.4.
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