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The Coordinates rollout
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The not operator negates or flips the value of an expression from true to false, or vice versa. For example:
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Preparing a Statement of Investment Policies
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argument. When running action queries, you ll be prompted to make sure you want to run the action query, asked if it s okay to delete these 58 records, and then asked again for the next action query. Set Warnings On to No at the beginning of the macro to turn these messages off assuming you ll click OK or Yes in each message box. Set it back to Yes at the end of the macro. Again, don t forget to turn warnings back on at the conclusion of the macro. Once warnings are turned off, the user won t get confirmation messages from Access on important actions like record deletions until warnings are re-enabled.
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Hiding (and Unhiding) Folders
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largest institutional investors. A large chunk of smaller-cap stocks are usually held by just a few dozen institutional investors, and their stakes, as a number of shares and as a percentage of the company s total outstanding shares, are publicly available. After discovering the company s top shareholders, IR should run a peer analysis and identify the top shareholders of its comp base. This cross-reference of ownership puts the pieces of the puzzle into perspective. If an institution does not own the company s stock, but is buying many other companies in the sector, there is an opportunity to target this institution as a potential buyer. In addition to just knowing whether or not the buy-side institution owns the company s stock, IR must determine the following about the institution: Amount of capital being managed Investment style, for example, growth or value investor Portfolio activity, specifically as it relates to the company s industry (are they buyers or sellers during any given quarter ) With that information in hand, IR can zero in on the right buy-side institutions and connect management with the right PMs. Without that information, IR is guessing, the entire effort is compromised, and the time and money spent visiting the wrong institutions can be a complete waste. As a basic example, let s take a restaurant chain we ll call The Bubble Factory. Table 17.1 lists the large institutional investors and their ownership in The Bubble Factory and the Bubble Factory s Peer Group: California Pizza Kitchen Inc. (CPKI), Red Robin Gourmet Burger (RRGB), and PF Chang s China Bistro, Inc. (PFCB). It s obvious because of the representative ownership in the other companies in this peer group that a few large institutions could own more of The Bubble Factory. When it comes to approaching the specific funds, IR should deliver, in advance, a one-page profile of the institution which is available from certain databases. As an example, if The Bubble Factory were to meet with Baron Asset Management, they should know some basic information, as shown in Figure 17.1.
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Now the following network states are possible:
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On your HTML page, change the image source path to the absolute path on your Web server. For example, the header image source path changes from images/header.jpg to http:// jpg. To make this change, you can select your image in Design View and edit the image Src field in the Property inspector to reflect the change noted above. Make sure that any links to other pages on your server are also absolute. You can make the change by selecting any part of the link in Design View and editing the link field in the Property inspector.
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The massive investment bank consolidation of the late 1990s created a new landscape. Where once there were dozens of players, now there are only a few. This means fewer analysts, fewer traders, fewer salespeople. It also means that smaller companies that once had to fight hard for the attention of sell-side analysts now have to fight even harder. But this also created an opportunity, because the finance professionals who left or were downsized either started their own firms or joined smaller firms. These smaller banks and the regional firms are stepping up to fill this research void, giving small and mid-cap companies another place to share their story. Understanding the shifting landscape as an opportunity, becoming the source of commission business for these smaller firms, appealing to their analysts, and gaining research coverage are essential. Responsibility to navigate a landscape with less opportunity falls to the IR function. It must combine fundamental IR execution with capital markets advisory to help define, deliver, and create a dialogue for a company s story. If IR is doing its job, at any given time, value will be maximized, the cost of capital will be reduced, and management will better be able to focus on its business. This cycle feeds off itself, and better valuations can certainly result.
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Locked maps icon
Baked Oysters with Balsamic Vinegar, Arugula, and Pine Nuts
Microsoft Internet Explorer Shortcuts
43 Animating with reactor
1. Click the Start button and choose Run (or press +R). 2. Type regedit and click OK. 3. Click on My Computer at the top of the left column and make your backup using File Export. If the problem occurs when opening a drive icon, click on the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Drive\Shell folder icon. If the problem occurs when opening a folder icon, click on the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Shell folder icon. 4. Right-click (Default) in the right pane and chose Modify. 5. Under Value data type the word none, and then click OK. 6. Close the Registry Editor.
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