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Froot et al. (1993), pp. 1645 1648. Note that hedging cannot change the expected level of wealth. 272The probability of risk management increases with the demand for funds (which is typically determined by the firm s growth opportunities as indicated by the firm s market-to-book ratio or its Tobin s q) and the unavailability of internal funds. 273See Tufano (1996), pp. 1107 1108. 274See Smithson et al. (1990), p. 375. 275As described by Jensen (1986) and (1993). 276See Tufano (1998). 277See Smith (1993), p. 21.
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A pomset p D is said to be well formed if there is n N and m1 , . . . , mn M and s ( 1 , r1 ), . . . , ( n , rn ) (I I) \ {( , )} such that7 s p (M( 1 , r1 , m1 ) M( n , rn , mn )) > s s < where M( , r , m) is de ned as follows: M(s, r, m) = snd(s, r, m) ; rcv(s, r, m), s M(s, , m) = snd(s, , m), and M( , r, m) = rcv( , r, m). Well-formed pomsets are obviously nite and locally linear. For the purpose of developing our semantics, basic interactions are given syntactically by well formed pomsets. We de ne Basic = {B P | B is well formed} and use B as a metavariable that ranges over Basic. The formal semantics of basic interactions is given by a semantic function P[[ ]] which maps basic interactions to sets of positive (valid) traces (see Table 9.1). As mentioned above, basic interactions do not have negative traces. The question remains how the metamodel in Figure 9.2 is to be mapped into the new (syntactic) domain Basic: Let I be a basic interaction and (O, ) the speci cation graph of I; see Section Since (O, ) is an acyclic graph, the O-re exivetransitive closure of is a partial order on O; we de ne O by . Basic interaction I is then mapped to [(O, O , O )], where O is a labeling function O E, whose de nition is straightforward; in particular, synchronous messages (see Section 9.2.3) and coregions (see [45]) can be dealt with easily. The only interesting issue in de ning O is how a Message M is to be mapped to a message identi cator m M. One possibility would be to use the Message M itself (i.e., the object identi cator). However, we de ne m as the set of any information that is conveyed by the message and can be used by the receiver to distinguish between two messages coming from the same sender. In particular, m comprises the name of M, arguments, and any kind of message content. Note that the resulting mapping of the metamodel into Basic is not injective (see Figure 9.5). A receiver instance cannot determine the order in which it receives two completely identical messages. 9.2.3 Synchronous and Asynchronous Messages
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Marriott and Fair eld Inn by Marriott are independent brands but there is a clear endorsement of them by the master brand Marriott.
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A kid stands outside a school leaning against the fence. He s about thirteen, wearing jeans and a baseball cap, and playing with a yo-yo. He s good.A younger kid walks by, carrying a backpack that may weigh as much as he does. He stops. His eyes follow the yo-yo that now spins in the air in ways that would make Newton go back and check his gravity theories. Where d ya get it the young kid asks softly. The older kid keeps working. What kind is it the younger kid asks a little louder this time. Yomega, says the older boy. The Brain. Brain They call it The Brain. It knows when to come back to your hand. It s cool. 4
UML 2 Semantics and Applications. Edited by Kevin Lano Copyright 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
Bandwidth, measured in kilobytes per second (Kbps or Kb), is a measure of how much information at a time can be sent through the line that connects your computer to your ISP. For example, a dial-up account tops out at about 48 to 50 Kbps. That s roughly 48,000 to 50,000 bits per second (bps). That sounds like a lot. Because any given file can contain millions of bits, however, it s really not that fast. The lower the bandwidth, the longer the wait for things you ve requested from the Internet. For consumers, accounts generally cost anywhere from $10.00 to $20.00 a month for a 56K dial-up account, to maybe $30.00 or $40.00 a month for a broadband connection. Here s the difference: Dial-up: Connection to your ISP goes through a standard modem and traditional telephone lines. (Your phone line is busy if anyone tries to call while you re online, provided you just have one phone line.) The maximum speed of a dial-up account is usually in the 48 to 50 Kbps range. Even though your modem may be rated at 56K, the phone lines can t move traffic quite that quickly. Broadband: Connection to your ISP is through cable (the type used by cable TV companies), or special Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL), owned by the phone companies, that can carry more data at faster than 50 Kbps. You connect to a broadband account using a modem or router. You can get just about any connection speed you want. A typical broadband cable account moves data at about 750 to 2,000 Kbps. So, wait times are brief. What might take several minutes to accomplish with a dial-up account takes only a few seconds with a broadband account.
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